Gorilla Voltage APE-X is Ferocious Hardcore Hip Hop ala Biohazard Meets The Beastie Boys [Review]

by | Mar 7, 2017

From Majik Ninja Entertainment, comes the new album from hardcore hip hop duo Gorilla Voltage, titled APE-X. Available now, the record includes cameos from artists like Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, G-MO SKEE, Madchild, Bizarre, Kung Fu Vampire & more.

If you took hardcore metal band Biohazard and mashed those oldschool headbanging beasts with The Beastie Boys then you wind up with something along the lines of GORILLA VOLTAGE. Otherwise known as Mr. Grey and ClockworC, and previously called Damn Dirty Apes, these two MC’s are ferocious. I’d like to think that they actually wrecked microphones in the studio while recording APE-X, because not only are the lyrics heavy as hell, but they belt them out just as hard. The title track for instance is something you could probably mosh to and this is a rap album we’re talking about…


‘Ftwfe’ or better yet “Fuck the world fuck everything” is one of my favorite cuts not only from APE-X, but the entire Majik Ninja Entertainment roster so far. Gorilla Voltage do an impressive job creating some of the most aggressive rap music that I’ve heard in years. It’s very refreshing to hear a new sound every once in a while and these guys are delivering an explosive style of hip hop that throttles you over the eardrums until they damn near explode. The chorus on ‘Stars Collide’ or ‘Grime’ sounds like something you’d hear at a metal show. That’s not normal – and you’ll see what I mean when you check APE-X out, but this is not a rap metal affair, this is just one heavy as shit rap album.

Twiztid make a memorable appearance on ‘Ninja Star’, which is fitting with their label’s style and they’ve helped create an anthem that should easily be able to go over live with any Juggalo crowd. ‘Die Hard’ has my favorite chorus on APE-X as well. “You better kill me, before I kill you, put a pistol in your fist now what the fuck you gonna do?” 


Gorilla Voltage are a dumptruck full of weapons and APE-X is the sound of them unloading that shit all over your face. I love it. It’s deeper than I initially thought it to be as well which is surprising, because my only criticism at first was that it might have been a little too HARD with not much range. Not the case. Gorilla Voltage are rapping with the energy of a hardcore band and because of that edge, they separate themselves from the pack and have created something truly unique and dynamic.

Rating: [star rating=”4″]