Happy St. Paddy’s Day: The Top 5 Moments from The Boondock Saints Films

by | Mar 17, 2016

Grab a Guinness and throw on your Boondock Saints Blu-rays because it’s time to celebrate that time of year once again with the MacManus brothers. Here are my top five favorite moments from Troy Duffy’s cult classic flicks about lovable Irish crime fighting vigilantes getting into all kinds of shenanigans – rope or no rope required.


#5 Rocco’s Return Speech

“Men build things, then we die!” – This might be the funniest moment from the Boondock Saints sequel. Having David Della Rocco return for this dream sequence could’ve been a bullshit move but they really pulled it off and his speech to the boys was both funny and inspiring all the same. It’s also 100% evident that these flicks are made for us men dammit – chicks may dig the movies too and that’s fine – but they were made for dudes and this speech proves it.

#4 “In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti”

Some may argue that this is the best moment from the first Boondock Saints film and it’s hard to argue with them. Hell, just making this list is asking for trouble since these movies are so beloved. Billy Connolly’s commanding presence, making the woman watch as he and his sons publicly execute a mafia kingpin in broad daylight right in the middle of a courtroom…. One of the most intense and satisfying moments I’ve ever seen in a film, the speech, the prayer, the three freaking guns going off into the back of that asshole’s head? Priceless.

#3 Peter Fonda is a God

Excuse the shit clip below because for some reason I can’t find the exchange on YouTube between Billy Connolly and Peter Fonda, which happens near the end of Boondock Saints 2 — but this is Academy Award level shit happening. Fonda’s accent, his swagger, his line delivery are some of the greatest things I’ve seen. Look, for what it’s worth – the Boondock Saints films are pulpy. I love the hell out of them, but let’s be honest – they aren’t considered in the same category of crime dramas like The Godfather. That being said – nobody told Fonda that when they shot this scene. Easily the most impressive moment of pure acting in that film – goosebumps every time.

#2 “Is it Dead?”

When I got to interview Duffy a while back I had to ask him what inspired this hilariously morbid bit of genius and he said that he had a bad experience with an ex who loved cats…. Nuff said.

#1 “There was a fire fight!”

Not only is this sequence one of the best action scenes ever filmed but I absolutely believe it is some of Willem Dafoe’s greatest work. That man put his soul into The Boondock Saints. You could argue he was the main character in this movie – I love Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery, but Dafoe – my god holy shit to high heaven. He earns legendary status here. Also – Billy Connolly taking them all on like the bearded badass he is. Easily the finest scene of the franchise.