High-Octane Bob Odenkirk is More Than Just a ‘Nobody’ in this Action Romp (Review)

by | Mar 22, 2021

If you’ve seen a trailer for Nobody, I’m sure you’ve already thought, “This looks just like John Wick.” And you would be right, to an extent, and you’ll likely see the comparisons in other reviews of the movie. Sure, there are a handful of John Wick-esque action sequences and plenty of mystery unfolds regarding just who the main character is in this action flick. But make no mistake: the two action entries, this being just one (for now), and the John Wick franchise are still completely different animals in their own respects. Where the John Wick franchise is all about a man who turned out to be part of a group of skilled assassins, Nobody feels isolated to just one man with some sort of violent past (at least in this entry). And isolated is exactly what the doctor ordered thanks to Bob Odenkirk, who needs no assistance star-wise when it comes to delivering brute force and making Nobody an enjoyable thrill ride up until the credits roll. 

 Nobody drops us in the middle of Hutch Mansell’s (Bob Odenkirk) life, who is a middle-aged man who*seemingly* has a boring life not only in his profession as an auditor, but also at home. His wife, Becca Mansell (Connie Nielsen), makes what she calls jokes at Hutch’s expense around their kids about how boring and mundane he is, but we can see her real meaning in her face. She’s not joking, and she won’t even sleep with him. While the first act is a slow build up showing Hutch and his everyday life, it turns out that it is like waiting on a pot of water to boil. And when Hutch finally snaps after a break-in at his home, well, let’s just say that the pot finally boils over. From there, things stay at a boiling level until the credits roll, thanks to some exciting action sequences, unique set pieces, and Hutch’s smarts.  

At the center of Nobody is Bob Odenkirk, whom you surely are familiar with from, among other things, as Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. Odenkirk always has been a terrific actor and is as good as ever here.  While we’ve seen him in mostly dramas or comedies, Nobody makes me appreciate him even more, especially considering he got into terrific shape just for this role. At almost 60-years-old, Odenkirk apparently has a better workout routine than most of us, and I give him major props for that. Another bright spot in the acting department is Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future), who plays Hutch’s (Odenkirk’s) father. Without spoiling anything, Lloyd, as always will have you grinning anytime you see him on the big screen. 

Nobody runs less than 90 minutes, but it knows exactly what it is and what it has to offer to audiences by getting in and out quickly. While Nobody may be thin on plotting in terms of who exactly Hutch was/is, it leaves the door open for further exploration in possible sequels, and I sure hope we see more of this universe from Bob Odenkirk and director IIya Naishuller (Hardcore Henry). I would have loved to have seen this movie at a sold-out showing on a Friday night just to hear people’s reactions.  If Nobody is playing at a safe venue adhering to masking and social distancing protocols near you, then I cannot recommend this movie enough.

Rating: 4/5