Hollywood, It’s Quite Okay to Cast Old Actors in Roles of Old People

by | May 30, 2018


Now, each time a new James Bond movies comes along, we are thinking the same thing – who would be cast in the lead role? While Daniel Craig has been undoubtedly one of the best James Bond actors we have seen, the fact that there is an increasing desire to have younger faces reprising roles of iconic protagonists is a bit telling. Sure, it was a need a few decades back, but today, as long as the person can fill in the role, it shouldn’t really matter.

We will take a look at why below.

benjamin button

Technology and advance of makeup techniques have become a bane for some aspects of Hollywood. Now you can easily make a 20 something look convincingly like a 60 year old with CGI and effective makeup artist. That’s what we saw in movies like 2009’s Benjamin Button and 2015’s Ant-Man.

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Both the movies were groundbreaking in creating effects of aging and de-aging on their actors. It wasn’t difficult to believe that we were seeing a 65 year old man when in reality it was only someone within 30s. The trend has upsettingly expanded and seems to take over Hollywood- we don’t find them employing older actors for roles of old people anymore! They just use special effects and makeup and maybe save the cost of hiring another actor!

Some of the recent movies also carry the same trend. The new presentation of the On Chesil Beach employs the same technique of putting makeup and CGI on the actors Saoirse Ronan and Billy Howle while portraying them as 60 something. The movie begins with the story of the couple when they are just young lovers.

Then we find a scene 45 years later where Ronan gets to fulfill her dream of performing in a concert hall in front of an audience- which also includes the 60 something Howle. Both the actors had pile of makeup and took help of computer software to bring in the aged look which doesn’t seem to work for some fans- it seems to lack originality!


Hollywood needs to understand that it’s quite ok to cast old people when the role deserves so! The old actors fit the role perfectly and do a wonderful job of portraying the true age they are playing. Take the example of the movie Titanic. Gloria Stuart qualified for an Oscar nomination for playing the old Kat Winslet. She seemed so real and felt natural transformation of Kate Winslet in her late years.

That trend is dying and it seems Hollywood is just using technology and resources to transform how the same actor looks- which make it appear unrealistic. It is sad as the system now is broken- old actors are not getting to prove their talents and casting directors will soon go out of jobs if things keep going the same way!