Infinity War Spoilers, Venom Issue 1, Squarriors & 70 More Episodes for Rick and Morty!

by | May 11, 2018


Infinity War Spoilers! Plus my thoughts on Venom issue 1, Squarriors The Card Game and Rick and Morty’s 70-episode renewal on this week’s RECAP SHOW.

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Better late than never – here are my spoilery thoughts on Avengers Infinity War and why Thanos is the best MCU villain to date. Plus: Venom issue 1 from Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman and why you should all believe the hype, as well as a rundown on why Squarriors The Card Game is a must-own for fans of the comic. Also — Rick and Morty is coming back IN A HUGE WAY. Watch the RECAP SHOW BELOW – NOW!

  • NOTE – The crappy video editor I was using finally died, so this recap show is BARE-BONES. No floating images or anything past the title, which sucks. A lot. However I’ve found a better program, so next week and onward SHALL BE BETTER.