Insane Clown Posse Takes Shot at Twiztid for Majik Ninja Entertainment Signings?

by | Jan 3, 2017

UPDATED! After Majik Ninja Entertainment announced on New Year’s Eve that they had signed former Psychopathic Records talent Young Wicked, it looks like the Insane Clown Posse have taken a public shot over Twitter at former label mates and Juggalo family members Twiztid (who run MNE)  and subsequently ignited an online war with people taking sides and nasty shots at either label… 

This isn’t cool man. Not one bit. As a lifelong Juggalo and fan of both Twiztid and Insane Clown Posse, seeing the latter (their label and management – specifically Jumpsteady aka Violent J’s brother) take such a blatant stab at Majik Ninja Entertainment is a hard pill to swallow. Rap feuds are nothing new. Many of them result in legit vicious attacks between the members themselves, or even the fans. In 2017 it looks like most of the bitterness is being laid out online over social networks and if that’s where it starts and ends – so be it. But as a Juggalo, I don’t like to see artists who are integral members of the family going at one another. Not when the Juggalo community for the most part is one of the most accepting fanbases on the planet – this is the music where the outcasts are drawn to and through it they can come together as family.

When that family is divided, it puts a massive wrench into the gears and the Juggalo family and fans suffer because of it. I hope this is all a misunderstanding, maybe one too many drinks led to a shitty tweet, maybe it’s just ICP being bitter with Young Wicked and not everybody else over at MNE…. I’m going to remain optimistic that the fans – the Juggalos – remain calm and don’t add fuel to the fire.

That being said – maybe this article itself is a blowtorch, but I couldn’t stay silent on the issue because it worries me when two of my favorite music acts could be at odds with one another. It was bound to happen with MNE and Psychopathic but it came a little sooner than later as more than a few artists who used to be part of ICP’s management have now flocked to Majik Ninja Ent., including Boondox and Young Wicked late in 2016 (Blaze, Twiztid and ROC were part of the label from the very beginning).

Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Boondox & Lex The Hex Master Live in Lethbridge 04/05/16 - Photo by Keven Skinner

If there truly is a divide between Twiztid’s MNE and their former labelmates ICP over at Psychopathic, then the upcoming Juggalo Day weekend in Florida February 18, 2017 just got a whole lot more interesting since everyone will be performing together as Dark Lotus. I love both MNE and Psychopathic – always will. Both rosters are tight and I think the growth and talent that Twiztid has been assembling with MNE is out of this world so far, discovering fresh new faces with G-MO-Skee, Lex The Hex Master and Gorilla Voltage to add alongside established Juggalo favorites ROC, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Young Wicked and Boondox.

ICP Live in Calgary July 12, 2016 / Photos by Keven Skinner

ICP Live in Calgary July 12, 2016 / Photos by Keven Skinner

I’m going to move forward loving the music, staying out of online feuds and I will say right now that I choose NO side because a Juggalo shouldn’t have to be forced to choose which label to align with – this is a family and business is business but the fans should come out unscathed in any sort of battle behind the scenes because that’s what this is about. Let’s not forget that. No Juggalo war please – let’s keep it together and not destroy this beautiful and twisted family that has been built into an unstoppable underground force of nature.

UPDATED CONTENT: Tonight’s episode of Psychopathic Radio just solidified most of my fears and raised several new questions. Twiztid and their entire label Magik Ninja Entertainment have declined their invites to the upcoming Juggalo March this September in Washington (where Psychopathic Records is hosting a free weekend of concerts and more in exchange for fans to march downtown) in protest of the FBI damaging their name after labelling them as a gang. Twiztid and their entire roster declining the invite is a major shockwave through the community considering they are hands down the second most important band in the Juggalo world, arguably of equal importance in many fans’ eyes.

During the Juggalo Show this evening on January 5th, 2017, Jumpsteady revealed that the final jab was in fact the signing of Young Wicked, because he left Psychopathic Records badly according to the Psychopathic Records boss, after he was caught having an affair with Jumpsteady’s daughter and wound up impregnating her despite being in an existing relationship with his fiance. According to Jumpsteady, Twiztid knew about this personal bad blood and signed Young Wicked anyway and announced this on the day that the Juggalo March details went live. This resulted in the above tweet from ICP’s account (which Jumpsteady didn’t address in his show), but revealed that Young Wicked had been verbally throwing barbs at Psychopathic after his signing to MNE.


Scottie D from did a wonderful recap of the show, writing down a flurry of notes, all of which you can read HERE. I listened to the show live myself and was floored at the accusations Jumpsteady was throwing in what could be considered a “Young Wicked hour of insults”, calling him a “bitch” repeatedly and a “liar”. Young Wicked was listening too and tweeted a few responses saying the accusations were of course false and that he was actually speaking with Jumpsteady’s daughter DURING the Juggalo Show’s airing.


Twiztid have yet to issue a response, nor has anyone from MNE, but I was kind of surprised to hear very little bashing aimed directly at them aside from Jumpsteady’s accusations of them of being greedy and that they had to be begged to play the first Gathering of the Juggalos after initially departing Psychopathic Records a few years ago.

I will once again state that I refuse to choose a side in this Juggalo Civil War, but it does sadden me to no end that it is happening and that it may very well lead to a divide between the groups and their labels. I recommend that the fans remain peaceful in this dispute and focus solely on the music and stay away from the trolls on either side looking to stir the pot – which may actually include some artists themselves (like Myzery…) who feel like talking shit online or worse – threats. Don’t destroy this foundation that I’ve been raised on guys – let’s squash this bullshit.

The Current Roster Breakdown

Psychopathic Records


Insane Clown Posse (their upcoming album is rumored to drop June 23, 2017 and follows up what I consider the greatest work in 2015’s The Marvelous Missing Link: Found – review HERE)


Big Hoodoo (his latest album ‘Asylum’ is available now and kicks all kinds of ass featuring wicked cuts like ‘I Bring Death’, ‘Running From My Magic’ and ‘The Yard’. Side Note – He may be my favorite artist on the roster aside from ICP).


Anybody Killa (his next studio album ‘Shape Shifter’ is due February 17, 2017)


Blahzay Roze (Check out her debut EP ‘Broken’ which is available now and features some disturbing but memorable cuts like ‘Tommy’)


DJ Clay (Check out his latest mixtape ‘The Sidewayz Room’ available now and stay tuned for his production on Shaggy’s upcoming solo album ‘FTFOMF’ – due in 2017)


Lyte (Check out his mixtape ‘Follow the Lyte’ if you can find it in the underground but stay tuned for his first full length release in 2017!)


Majik Ninja Entertainment


Twiztid (the new album ‘The Continuous Evilution Of Life’s ?’s’ is due for release January 27, 2017 and features singles ‘Psychomania’ and ‘Nothing to You’).


Blaze Ya Dead Homie (Check out his latest album on MNE called ‘The Casket Factory’ available now featuring the wicked cuts ‘Ghost’, ‘They Call That Gangsta’ and ‘Who You Lookin 4?’)


THE R.O.C. (Check him out alongside Blaze on the Zodiac MPrint EP  ‘Ride The Stars’, available now and featuring the badass ‘Keep it Jumpin’)


Boondox (First Album on MNE titled ‘The Murder’ is due March 24, 2017 – one of my most anticipated releases of the year)


Young Wicked (Debut MNE EP ‘Vengeance’ is available now – Check out the brilliant tracks ‘Scars’, ‘Vengeance’ and ‘Bloodbath’)


Lex The Hex Master (Album ‘Contact’ is available now – click here for my review of 2016’s Rap Album of the year)


G-Mo Skee (Album ‘My Filthy Spirit Bomb’ is available now – Check out the brilliant tracks ‘Slide’, ‘Human Cloth’ and ‘Better Dayz’)


Gorilla Voltage (Debut album out February 24th, 2017)