John Wick 3: Parabellum is One of The Best Action Films of The Past Decade, Maybe Ever (Review)

by | May 15, 2019

Guns…. Lots of guns…. It’s so awesome to hear Keanu Reeves utter that iconic line again. First hearing it back in 1999’s Sci-Fi classic The Matrix, it appears not too much has changed with Reeves as he continues to be a huge action star. John Wick 3 is the third installment of the surprisingly entertaining and successful John Wick Universe, and it not only delivers, but it also exceeds all expectations. It is a perfect blend of stylized action and downtime to expand the universe just a little more.

Super-assassin John Wick is on the run after killing a member of the international assassin’s guild, and with a $14 million price tag on his head – he is the target of hit men and women everywhere.

John Wick 3 picks up right where the second installment left off. John is on the run after spilling blood on Continental Grounds. He has a little more than an hour before the hefty bounty on his head goes into effect. The first act is SO good as the tensions rise and John is trying to gather a few important things before literally thousands of hit men and women start gunning for his head. There is some subtle humor mixed in as well that works quite nicely. There is a fight sequence between John and four hitmen in a shop that has a lot of knives, and it is seriously one of the best fight sequences in recent memory. The choreography, style, and kills are top notch which makes it very fun to watch. The best part about the first act is that its almost nonstop tension and action because John is just starting to be on the run. Virtually nowhere is safe. He can’t walk on the streets without being followed. Its such a simple, yet effective premise and its executed beautifully.


Aside from the action, John Wick 3 does a great job expanding the intriguing universe they’ve created. The best part about it is that they expanded it only a little bit, leaving plenty of room to do more in future films thus creating longevity. Each movie has expanded just enough that the viewer remains interested for the next film. We learn more about the High Table and we get to meet several people from Wick’s past which helps with his character depth. One might think with this being the third movie that it might be slowing down a little bit, but honestly they could make several more Wick movies and they’d still be entertaining and interesting.

One of the characters we meet from Wick’s past is Sofia (Halle Berry). Not too much is said about their history, but one can definitely infer that they were close and Wick helped her out very much. Which is why she’s almost forced to help him once he finds her. The second act has an action sequence with Sofia, Wick, and her two German Shepards. Some of it is seen briefly in the trailer, but you’re not actually prepared for it at all. Its unlike anything we’ve ever seen. She’s shooting someone, the camera whips right and Wick is taking someone to the ground, and then it whips left showing us someone being taken down by her dogs. It is so well choreographed and executed. You could hate the entire movie (somehow), but you’d come out saying “well that sequence with them and the dogs was awesome at least.” It’s truly next level.

From a technical standpoint, John Wick 3 is Oscar worthy in certain categories. The cinematography and shooting style are very pleasing, especially in the final fight sequence. Whats’s most impressive is the sound. Both the mixing and editing need an Oscar nomination. The shots from the guns sound so pure and they make you feel like you’re there. On top of all that, the score is attention-grabbing as well. Technically speaking, John Wick 3 is amazing. The script is pretty thin and there’s not much story, but the movie still works nicely without all that. And Keanu Reeves is only a great actor when he doesn’t speak. Let’s be real, delivering dialogue has never been one of his strong points…. But when it comes to kicking ass and killing enemies in a creative way, no one is better.

Overall, John Wick 3 is one of the best action movies of the last decade easily, maybe ever. These movies just keep getting better and better. It is definitely meant to be seen on the big screen, preferably in RPX or Dolby ATMOS. Go check it out in theaters this weekend, you will not be disappointed.

Rating: [star rating=”5″]