Karl Urban Wants Judge Death in Dredd Sequel & Says “Blue is the New Red” in Star Trek Beyond [Calgary Expo]

by | May 2, 2016

Karl Urban @ CCEE16

[Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2016] During Karl Urban’s panel at this past weekend’s annual CCEE16, the Star Trek Beyond actor teased the upcoming new film and potential death(s) for major characters as well as his excitement for new Dredd and much more.

It was recently revealed that Dredd is being revived as either a sequel or on-going series to the highly under-appreciated but successful reboot that starred Karl Urban as the gruff title character a couple years back. “Conversations are happening,” he confirmed. The actor said he’s excited for new Dredd and said he would love to get into the Judge Death storylines if possible.

Karl Urban @ CCEE16

Photo Credit – Keven Skinner

In regards to the upcoming third new Star Trek film, Star Trek Beyond, Urban teased, “Blue is the new red.. or is it?” Fans of course know that redshirts always die horribly while main castmembers remained relatively unharmed in their blue uniforms. He went on to say that the dynamic between his character Leonard McCoy will reconnect with Kirk in the film so fans can see the duo’s partnership explored more this go-around. “The dynamic between Kirk and Bones is back and we get to see that at the beginning of the film,” said Urban.


When asked if he felt pressure stepping into such a famous role that had previously been portrayed by the late DeForest Kelley, Urban recalled a time after completing the first of the new Star Trek films:

“Leonard (Nimoy)’s wife came to me and said that when I came onscreen for the first time that Leonard cried… Because I had reminded him of his dear friend DeForest Kelly and that moment possibly means the most to me out of any of the accolades that I’ve received so far.” 

Urban went on to reveal how big of a Doctor Who fan he is and that he had actually tried to get onto the show previously saying, “Maybe it’s time to reach out to them again. I actually was cast on the show previously but had to withdraw in order to do Dredd.”

Fans will also recall that Urban was on the sci-fi TV series ‘Almost Human’, which was unfortunately cancelled after just one season. When asked what could have been if the show continued he said, “They were gonna investigate what was behind the wall. I felt like we were just finding our feet. It was one of the hardest jobs that I ever had to do (filming six days a week for six months straight) so it was bitter-sweet when it didn’t get picked up for a second season.”