Killjoys: The Top 10 Reasons I Love This Show [Calgary Expo]

by | May 2, 2016

[Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2016] I am a huge Killjoys fan.   If I’m not their biggest then I’m certainly in the neighbourhood of ‘rabid’.  It’s my favorite TV show currently running.  I’m actually a little self-conscious about how fanatical I’ve gotten so I’ve been putting off writing this article.  But the Killjoys recent appearance at the Calgary Expo has motivated me to actually finish this list and put it on the web.  

Here’s the 10 things I love most about Killjoys:

1.  Luke MacFarlane / D’Avin

killjoys_promo-1x01-06He is my favorite part of the show, hands down.  I like D’Avin’s soldier boy thing, I like his story arc, I like his relationship with his team.  But if I’m going to be honest, I’m seriously  crushing on Luke MacFarlane.  Just look at him.  Male beauty can be measured in Tatums and Luke weighs in at 1.003, making him hotter than Channing Tatum (after whom the measure is named and who is its standard, a perfect 1.000).  

It seems unlikely, I know, but I recently saw Luke at the Calgary Expo and was able to confirm my findings.  Unfortunately I only got about 5 seconds of exposure while getting a photo taken, but that’s probably for the best as I would have undoubtedly passed out had it been any longer.  I like to imagine getting a chance to talk to Luke properly without me being creepy but then I realize that this imaginary conversation is taking place in one of those paddle-swan-boats and there isn’t really a not-creepy option for me there.

2.  Aaron Ashmore / John 

f5e9ee915e0734995127c7bffa8fb091Aaron was part of my favorite show of all time, Warehouse 13 so he was part of what drew me to Killjoys.  I loved Agent Jinx a lot and let’s leave it at that.  I love John too.  At the Calgary Expo, I actually got a chance to talk to Aaron Ashmore a bit and he was unbelievably charming and friendly.  He answered my questions about Killjoys and also Warehouse 13 (Jinx wasn’t actually in secret love with Pete).  But since he was an actor I actually cared about, I was completely and ridiculously STARSTRUCK and couldn’t talk for long before I started worrying that I was being awkward and so I bolted.  Later I saw him deal with a fan who actually was horrifically awkward and Aaron was so graceful that I realized I needn’t have worried.

Here is a picture of me with those two boys – note how terrified I look:

Mark terrified

3.  Michelle Lovretta (and the rest of her writing team) 


The writing on this was the first thing I noticed, it was visible in the initial scene of Episode One. Aaron Ashmore commented on this same thing in his panel but I had come to the same conclusion.  Here’s how you can tell:  when you find you actually care about the characters and really want to know what’s going to happen next, that’s usually good writing.  There are actors who can make bad writing look good (Patrick Stewart I’m looking at you) but it’s rare.  Michelle was at Calgary Expo,  she was so good in her panel.  I liked what she said about writing strong female characters.  She made Dutch tough, not angry.  Many strong characters (not just female) are angry all the time in order to show they’re tough and truly tough people are not like that.  I wish I could have interviewed her, I’d loved to have gotten more of her insights on the writing process.  At least I got her autograph.   

4.  Dutch 

killjoys-the-sugar-run-3Hannah John-Kamen was not at the Calgary expo but I love her character Dutch.  She’s so charismatic and such a badass.  I love the relationships she has with literally every other character she interacts with.  I like Dutch and John, Dutch and D’Avin and most especially Dutch and Khlyen.  

5.  Khlyen 


I really like this character.  He’s a magnificent antagonist and mentor at the same time and that’s not easy to pull off.  Plus he just has this mystery to him.  Whenever Khlyen is involved, I know it’s going to be good.  I can’t wait to see what happens with him.

6.  Alvis and the Scarbacks 

Alvis_Akari_Still_Episode_4_001Normally I don’t go in for religious characters but there’s something really wonderful about Morgan Kelly and religious revolutionary.  There’s something really fresh about how religion is portrayed on Killjoys, not like a theocracy in its death throes or a fully justified belief in alien gods but instead something that’s either a harmless annoyance (to non-believers) or something that arguably does some good to those who subscribe to it.

7.  Lucy 


It’s pretty common for a Science Fiction show to have an AI, I’ve noticed.  Dark Matter did the same thing.  But I find myself liking Lucy a lot.  Mostly because she’s not really trying to become human.   I like her relationship with John.   She doesn’t have to become anything she’s not – she’s already interesting.  I’ve been promised that we’ll see an even better side of her next season.

8.  Pree

tumblr_nveg03ZMlY1ud7s0ao1_1280Could that bartender BE any more fabulous?  

9.  The Catchphrase 


The Warrant Is All.  Actually the entire RAC culture seems about right for an organization of that size (red 17 notwithstanding).  The way people talk about it, the politics, the way people act within it, it all feels genuine.

10.  The Soundtrack

I’m not acoustically inclined but I noticed the music in Killjoys.  I’m not sure what it is, but every song connected with that show is a song I like to listen to.  Some of my favorites are Hot As Sun – Mother I’m Alive, Caveboy – Home is Where, and July Talk – I’ve Rationed Well.

I hope Killjoys come back to Calgary. Or better yet, Lethbridge.  That would be amazing, I would cry real tears of joy.  If you haven’t yet seen the show, it’s available on Crave TV. I highly recommend it