Kottonmouth Kings – Krown Power: A Satisfying Stoner Sanctuary for Weed Rap Diehards [Review]

by | Aug 24, 2015

[Advanced Review] Kottonmouth Kings will release their latest album ‘Krown Power’ on August 28th. This also marks the rap crew’s first official outing on the new label United Family Music, since departing Suburban Noize Records.

After some internal shuffling, Kottonmouth Kings seem to have re-gained their footing after some strong business decisions had to be made in order for the underground rap icons to move forward. A new label and a new beginning… Although it seems like DJ Bobby D has also left the band just this past month which is unsettling when Kottonmouth Kings are promoting a brand new record.


Bobby D accused his former bandmates of wrecking the foundation with copious amounts of alcohol and cocaine pills during his departure of Kottonmouth Kings. Either way you swing it — his contributions in the past were tight and he will be missed. KMK will most definitely strive forward in spite of the recent controversy and hopefully they get past this recent bit of nastiness when they tour in support of a strong smoke drenched album.

‘Krown Power’ is all over the place, but in a good way. When KMK release an album, it’s for the weedheads, the misfits, the fans, the family and this one is no different than any other outing over the band’s long and impressive career. The laid back jams are fun but I enjoyed the speedier cuts like ‘Sink or Swim’ — which will definitely land in my top 10 songs of 2015. I played that beast on repeat a good 5-6 times the other night just going for a walk and it was amazing. When KMK mash up punk and hip hop, the results are golden.

A plethora of welcome guests like Insane Clown Posse, Jared from Hed PE and Marlon Asher only help to boost what is already a solid record. ‘Keep it Movin’ (featuring Jared from Hed PE) is another favorite of mine because it’s hard as hell and hits you in the face like a dope train. I don’t know what a dope train is, but KMK smacked me with it. You don’t have to get high to enjoy ‘Krown Power’ and that’s the first sign of a successful effort when a crew like KMK is involved. Because let’s face it, these sons of bitches were high when they made it. Very high.

Rating: [star rating=”4″]