LEGO City Undercover: Grand Theft LEGO – A Hilarious Hit for The Whole Family on Xbox One [Review]

by | Apr 17, 2017

From  developer TT Fusion, comes the remastered release of LEGO City Undercover for Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and Windows. The game is available now! Here’s our review –


Join the Chase! LEGO® CITY Undercover is coming to current and new generation consoles for the first time. In one of the most expansive LEGO videogames to date, players become Chase McCain, a police officer who goes undercover to hunt down the notorious – and recently escaped – criminal, Rex Fury, to put an end to his city-wide crime wave. This open-world LEGO adventure allows fans and newcomers to explore the sprawling metropolis that is LEGO® CITY with more than 20 unique districts to investigate, filled with car thieves to bust, vehicles to navigate, mischievous aliens to capture, hilarious movie references to discover, lost pigs to rescue and of course, hundreds of collectibles.

With 15 special assignments to conquer, LEGO CITY Undercover brings together witty, original storytelling with signature LEGO humor to create a fun-filled experience for players of all ages, available on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One®, Nintendo Switch™ and PC.


After the release of LEGO Worlds, which saw players dropped into an endless realm of imagination and customisation options to create entire planets, TT Games have re-released their most story-driven title yet in LEGO City Undercover. You play as Chase McCain, a cop who is trying to redeem himself after his arch nemesis Rex Fury escapes prison. The gameplay is highly reminiscent of titles like Grant Theft Auto, as you navigate this beautiful city made of LEGO buildings and people. Jump from vehicle to vehicle, put on various disguises and catch criminals like a band of bank robbing clowns. What makes LEGO City Undercover so entertaining is the hilarious script and voice acting. I’m 32 and I was laughing hard right alongside my kids as we sat down to play this game. I especially love Frank Honey (voiced by Trevor White). He’s sort of our guide as we get into the rules of the game and it’s amazing because he’s incredibly dumb. You won’t find a better person to introduce you into LEGO City Undercover than Frank Honey.


The references are hilarious too – there are a plethora of policeman stereotypes, including a great Clint Eastwood esque Dirty Harry to the outrageously angry chief of police who loathes Chase McCain. If you grew up watching police detective flicks, dramas or just film in general, there will be a reference for you to laugh at. They did a tremendous job building a funny story here and the cut-scenes are a riot – it truly gives you something to look forward to after completing missions.

The gameplay is fun too – there are lots of gadgets and you will have to solve your typical LEGO puzzles by building various tools in the environment, but I found them to be much less of a headache than in previous games when I just wanted to get right into the action. I went nuts with puzzle overload in LEGO Batman 3, but in LEGO City Undercover, it was the right balance of problem solving mashed up with action sequences where you’re chasing down criminals to arrest. Kids can easily solve them too – which is nice, because in the past they could have been a little too complicated for young newbie gamers.


There over a hundred different vehicles you can drive (from the ground to the sky) and 300 unlock-able characters you can meet and eventually play as. Not to mention – there is co-op multiplayer which is a blast for the kids to hop into the action with you on the push of a button. I didn’t play LEGO City Undercover when it first came out on the Wii U in 2013, but I do know that it holds up very well four years later on next-gen consoles. You’ll laugh, you’ll probably smash your police car into EVERYTHING while trying to get from point A to B, but at least you’ll have a good time doing it.

Rating: [star rating=”4.5″]