Lex The Hex Master – Contact: The Wire Meets Dexter in Contender for Rap Album of The Year [Review]

by | Nov 14, 2016

Lex The Hex Master has released his debut full length album ‘Contact’ via Majik Ninja Entertainment on November 11, 2016. The album features guest appearances by Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Boondox, Billy Danze and Chris Rivers. 


I’ve been a fan of Lex The Hex Master for some time now. Like many Juggalos or just straight up underground rap fans, we’ve all been craving more music from one of the most promising prospects to come from this scene since Blaze Ya Dead Homie all those years ago. After a wicked as hell EP in ‘Black Season’ (my review HERE), Lex has unleashed his first full length and ‘Contact’ does not disappoint. In fact, my expectations were exceeded entirely. From ‘The Boss, The Teacher, and The Preacher (a Juggalo classic in the making), to the perverse ‘Go Wild’ and badass oldschool inspired cuts like ‘Off Beat’, this album is a monster and one that I have been listening to non-stop since it was released last Friday.


Shades of Obie Trice are ever-present throughout ‘Contact’ because Lex is a great storyteller. His songs are all like this twisted mix of The Wire meets Dexter. This is most evident on a song like ‘The Boss, The Teacher, and The Preacher’, which has Lex going into various tales of revenge and murder. Damn that song is hot – it’s easily one of the top 10 tracks of 2016 – out of everything…There’s also a ton of lyrical content here where Lex is showing his dedication to the fanbase, the underground, the hardcore crew who have been down with this community for decades and I like that. Lex put work in, not only on the road (review HERE), but he’s putting it down in the studio too.

“I hope you Niggas feel me cause Ima ride till these motherfuckers kill me” – from ‘Off Beat’. 


Lex The Hex Master’s ‘Contact’ is what I feel, the kick-off to the next great wave of Juggalo rap – the wicked shit. Twiztid have an immense talent on their Majik Ninja Entertainment roster and if this is only the beginning, I’m stoked for the future when Lex really refines his style and grows as an artist. That young, blood-thirsty energy that engulfs the record is some tasty raw shit that reminds me of better days, when rap meant something. When rap music was about more than just your shoes or cars and bullshit. ‘Contact’ is a strong contender for rap album of the year and I urge you all to give Lex a shot, even if you aren’t a Juggalo – just a fan of rap… Good music doesn’t have to be limited to just all of you crazy bastards wearing face-paint – this is an album that deserves to be added on playlists right beside DMX, NWA, Eminem (why not?) and ICP.

Rating: [star rating=”4.5″]



1. Intro
2. Take Over
3. Where Was You?
4. The Boss, The Teacher, and The Preacher
5. Domination ft. Twiztid, Boondox and Blaze Ya Dead Homie
6. Go Wild
7. I Don’t Like Your Face ft. Jamie Madrox
8. Disgusting ft. Twiztid
9. Off Beat
10. Army Of One
11. My House ft. Chris Rivers and Billy Danze
12. Dance In Eternity
13. Go Forth