Lifechanger Brings Shape-Shifting Horror to Theaters December 28

by | Dec 3, 2018


Lifechanger is directed by Justin McConnell (Broken Mile, Skull World) and stars Lora Burke, Jack Foley, Elitsa Bako, Sam James White, Rachel Vanduzer, Steve Kasan and Bill Oberst Jr. Raven Banner will release the film in select Canadian cinemas December 28, 2018!

OPENS DECEMBER 28 – one-week engagement

Toronto  – Carlton Cinema

Ottawa – Mayfair Theatre

Calgary – Globe Theatre

Justin McConnell’s upcoming Lifechanger looks like one helluva twisted and grim horror romp that reminds me tonally of great subtle monster thrillers like Spring. In other words you can count me in Raven Banner! The concept of someone continuously changing their identity and doing so at the cost of that person’s LIFE is creepy enough, but the way Lifechanger executes that vision looks equal parts unnerving and completely fascinating. Check out the poster/trailer below:


Drew has an identity problem. Literally.  He has to shape-shift or face a painful death, and so every few days he has to find someone and make a copy. He takes everything, their looks, memories, hopes, and dreams, their entire life.  Drew becomes these people as they all suffer horrible deaths. Enter Julia the object of Drew’s affection. How can he make things right with her when he’s never the same person for very long?  And these changes are occurring more frequently. Facing his imminent death, Drew sets out on one final blood-soaked mission.

Lifechanger, directed by Justin McConnell (Broken Mile, Skull World) is part psychological thriller, part body horror, as it follows one shape-shifters’ twisted quest to repair the damage he’s caused, while leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. Lifechanger stars Lora Burke (from the Fantasia award-winning Poor Agnes), Jack Foley (Fugue, Here’s Ginger!), Elitsa Bako (Antiviral), Sam James White (Trailer Park Boys), Rachel Vanduzer, Steve Kasan and Bill Oberst Jr. (3 From Hell).

The film was produced by Unstable Ground and Federgreen Entertainment, in association with 9 Light Entertainment. Uncork’d Entertainment handle US distribution, while Raven Banner Releasing will handle distribution in Canada and represent the film internationally.

Produced by Avi Federgreen (One Week, Still Mine) and McConnell, and includes the above-the-line team of executive producers Keith Leopard of Uncork’d, Michael Paszt, James Fler and Andrew Hunt of Raven Banner, Pasha Patriki of 9 Light Entertainment, and Marvin Waxman. Additionally, George Mihalka (My Bloody Valentine), Adam Mason (Hangman, The Devil’s Chair) and Serena Whitney (Do You See What I See?) as consulting producers, and Laura Tremblay is an associate producer.


Winner, Best Practical Effects – Toronto After Dark, Canada

Winner, Best Director – The Dead of Night Film Festival, UK

Audience Award Winner – Molins de Rei, Spain

Audience Award Winner – Desmond District Demons, USA


Official selection at Fantasia (Montreal), Frightfest (London U.K), L’Etrange (Paris)  Busan International Film Festival (South Korea), Toronto After Dark (Toronto), Horrorthon (Ireland), DEDfest (Edmonton), Morbido (Mexico), Terror-Fi (New Zealand), Night Visions (Finland), Molins de Rei (Spain), Desmond District Demons (USA), The Dead of Night Film Festival (Liverpool U.K.).

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