Lil Wayne – Free Weezy Album: A Burnt Out Mess of Coke Fuelled Nonsense [Review]

by | Jul 15, 2015

The eleventh studio effort from Lil Wayne is a mess of drug fuelled lyrics and sex riddled nonsense from a rapper who has been delivering just enough, in order to pay for his daily doses of weed, bitches and face tattoos.


That came across as really angry but if you take a moment, or a few seconds really after hitting shuffle on the ‘Free Weezy Album’ you’ll notice right away that Lil Wayne has a lot to say about cocaine and chicks — not much else. Not that there’s anything wrong with those things — whether it’s rock or rap, drugs and sex are common denominators. It’s just that Weezy sounds so damn tired. He literally sounds like he’s falling asleep during the track. Even the auto-tune can’t resuscitate the pitiful vocal track.

There are hints of a younger and more hungry Weezy throughout the record, but it’s so hit or miss and the negatives far outweigh the positive moments in songs like ‘Glory’ or ‘Psycho’. The track ‘White Girl’ is literally the laziest song about blow that I’ve ever heard. I get it: ‘White Girl’ is a euphemism for cocaine… I was more burned out listening to the ‘Free Weezy Album’ than Lil Wayne was while recording it.

Weezy is a talented rap artist but I’m just not a fan of using a blunt hit soundbite at the start of every single track even when the content has nothing to do with weed in any way. Why does he keep using that? I get it man – you’re getting high. Lil Wayne is coasting and I’m not going along for the ride any longer until he gets his shit together and tries to make a real rap album. That is….if he can stay awake long enough to record one.

Rating: [star rating=”1″]