Lindemann – Skills in Pills is The Most Vile & Perverse Album I’ve Ever Heard… It’s Also Great [Review]

by | Jun 26, 2015

Till Lindemann, lead singer of German Industrial metal pioneers Rammstein, has launched what could be the most perverse and vile side project in the history of music. His partner in crime is Peter Tägtgren from Swedish Death Metal band Hypocrisy.


The name of the duo/band is Lindemann and it sounds very similar to Rammstein which goes to show you how important Till’s vocals are in that band. However, you may have noticed that this record is sung entirely in English. Lindemman’s vocals when sung in that same Rammstein style but loud and clear in English – is even creepier so it doesn’t help matters when the lyrics talk about ladyboys, golden showers and hating your children.

Skills in Pills is the name of the debut effort and it is disgusting. Lyrically that is. There are lines here that would make S&M club owners blush. Golden Shower is probably the biggest offender here, with Lindemann shouting the C-word in the chorus repeatedly. When a German says that curse word it just has that extra layer of grease all over it. ‘Praise Abort’ is the best song on the record and it’s about children ruining your life while you turn to sexing dudes just because you can’t knock them up. It’s immensely fucked up content but it’s also really catchy stuff.

Lindemann’s debut is simultaneously one of the most vile and entertaining releases of the year. It’s really tough to recommend Skill’s in Pills without the coming across like a perverted weirdo when the person winds up getting offended. And there’s a big chance that you will be offended here – I won’t mince words with you when I say that Skills in Pills really goes that extra mile to make you uncomfortable.

So in other words I’ll be that perverted weirdo and tell you that if you enjoy Rammstein (and who doesn’t really?) then you should grab Skills in Pills by Lindemann immediately. Just remember to cleanse your body with fire afterwards. There is not enough water or soap in the world to get this dirt off you.

Rating: [star rating=”4″]