#LoveWins : The Homophobes Should Listen to ‘Same Love’ & Watch The Rules of Attraction

by | Jun 29, 2015

#LoveWins – Now that the US Supreme Court ruled last Friday that in all 50 states, same-sex marriage is now legal, I’ve noticed a shocking trend where people I’ve known, didn’t know and don’t want to know – are lashing out at this historic and joyous occasion. If I could force these homophobes and overly religious backwards thinkers to watch the following music video and movie in this article: I totally would.

The number one and most peaceful type of backlash that I’ve observed are homophobes defending their right to be against same-sex marriage because it’s the same freedom of speech that the LGBT community is entitled to. The “we can say what we want because you can to” argument has been seen before – on the playground where children argue over dumb shit.

If your religion (and which one isn’t) states that marriage is between man and wife, then keep it to yourself and let the gay community revel in this momentous and groundbreaking time. What’s wrong with expressing happiness? If you find it offensive it’s time to re-evaluate yourself as a person.

I decided to write this after seeing someone post a joke about anyone having a profile picture with a rainbow filter on it — was a convicted sex offender/pedophile. You’re fucking hilarious. But it was just a joke! Calm down they’ll say. If that’s your idea of humorous I urge you once more, re-evaluate yourself as a person.


I was ignorant because I had no idea that this many people still had ill feeling towards same sex couples. The best takeaway from this entire situation however is that MORE people are finally accepting the gay community and that makes me happy knowing that at least the majority of people in this country are sane.

I urge everyone to watch the following video from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Then I’d like to share with you my favorite LGBT themed film. If you feel the need to state one more time that marriage is between Man + Woman only, think to yourself how that comes across to everyone else. Heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual — none of those labels matter — the true key to happiness here is simply not being an asshole. Hopefully that sinks in.

My favorite quote so far that I’ve seen after the Supreme Court ruling is from Steve Warren, an actor that I had interviewed when I was starting out as an online journalist. I met Steve when he was playing a plethora of zombies on The Walking Dead. He said the following:

“Congratulations to the Supreme Court for accomplishing what generations of preachers and moralists have failed to do: finding a way to keep gay men from having sex with each other!”

My favorite LGBT movie: The Rules of Attraction


So – this movie isn’t about gay people – it’s about people. Young people to be more precise and yes there are gay characters but what is beautiful about The Rules of Attraction is how the theme of the movie is that no matter what or who you love – it always ends in disaster. You will never find true love no matter how hard you seek it. It’s supremely depressing but entirely entertaining, bizarre and wonderfully acted by a cast of amazing talents all around.

The main gay character here falls for a straight drug dealer who has zero perception of what’s going on around him. He doesn’t know that he’s being flirted with, nor does he care because he’s too busy seeking the love of someone else who also wants nothing to do with him. Gay, not gay – the lesson learned here is that dumb young people will fail at love and it’s refreshing to see a movie embrace that concept.

My favorite LGBT song: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – ‘Same Love’