Mad Max: A Look At The Upcoming Game

by | Jun 2, 2015

In wake of the insane success of Mad Max: Fury Road comes a new game set in the Mad Max world. I typically am pretty hesitant  about video games based on Hollywood blockbusters as they tend to be a cash grab riding the coattails of the movies they’re based on. But this time, I think this game is going to be as metal as the movie.

So what is the Mad Max video game? It doesn’t seem to be getting a whole ton of hype considering how well the movie did. Mad Max is an action packed, third person, entirely open world game where you get to play as Max himself.


In the beginning of the game you lose everything including your car, the most important part of survival in The Wasteland. Max, looking to extract vengeance on the bandits, is given a new car called The Magnum-Opus. As you progress through the game you get upgrades for your car and yourself. Using the car you build to suit the way you want to play, you wreak havoc across the wasteland engaging is epic car battles and hand to hand combat. With ammunition being  scarce, Max is given abilities that you can upgrade to help aid in combat and there is no shortage of deadly weapons to brutally take down your foes.  Along with gaining upgrades from your endeavors in The Wasteland you can forage scrap to use for upgrades on your armor, weapons and even The Magnum-Opus.


I think Avalanche Studios killed it with this game and it looks like its going to be a total chaotic, action packed thrill ride that puts players in control of the mayhem. With a pretty intriguing story, exciting customization options and jam packed with enough action to satisfy even the biggest adrenaline junkie. I believe this is going to be one of ‘the’ games to beat this year. Just take a look for yourself and get excited for the September 4th release date!