Manifest Destiny #17: Lewis & Clark Meet The Vameter & He’s Not What We Expected [Review]

by | Sep 22, 2015

From writer Chris Dingess (Being Human) and artist Matthew Roberts (Battle Pope) comes the Image comic series Manifest Destiny – a twisted and monster-filled take on Lewis and Clark’s Western expedition. Check out my review of issue #17.

Lost in America’s heartland, the expedition strikes a bargain with new friends, and encounters a strange visitor that’s like nothing else on Earth…


So I just assumed that little bird guy and his tribe were not pronouncing the word ‘vampire’ correctly. Turns out the ‘vameter’ is far worse than anything I was led to believe – especially those boring ass ‘vampires’ we’re all used to. After an awesome introduction that flashes back and introduces readers to ‘Collins’ – aka the man who went up the arch last issue to take out the vameter, we’re thrown into an action packed battle loaded with incredible art by Matthew Roberts. The reveal of the dreaded vameter is incredibly fucked up. Thanks for that. Roberts has drawn some of the most disturbing panels over the course of this series and this might be the worst/best.

I think every chapter of Manifest Destiny should drop a flashback of one new character. It helps introduce the readers to that person and makes us route for them — I didn’t give a shit about Collins last issue and I probably wouldn’t have cared about him now, but after that funny flashback, I like me some Cullens – er – I mean Collins…. I hope Chris Dingess utilizes more moments like these into his series because it really worked out well this time.


Roberts’ style is amazing – the way he draws the monsters of this series is unlike any other book on shelves. Everything is so unique and original… From the plant zombies of earlier issues which could have come across as more of the same but in no way did, to the ‘vameter’ of today, every single beast in no way feels recycled. That vameter thing is terrifying – for the love of god it pops off the heads of it’s victims and inserts them onto it’s own body. Roberts had to draw that…. You should be reading Manifest Destiny – it’s how I get my American History lessons… They are accurate right?

Rating: [star rating=”4″]