Mission Impossible Franchise Ranked as First Five Films Hit 4K UHD Blu-ray (Review)

by | Jun 26, 2018

Just in time for the highly anticipated debut of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE—FALLOUT (in theaters July 27), all five of the blockbuster MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE films arrive for the first time ever on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and Digital June 26, 2018 from Paramount Home Media Distribution. Here is my review and ranking of all five original flicks:

Tom Cruise is IMF Agent Ethan Hunt, one of the greatest action heroes of all time, in the adrenaline-pumping MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE franchise. Filmed in the most exotic locations around the world by the biggest directors in Hollywood, every film offers breathtaking action, jaw-dropping stunts, and heart-pounding suspense that will thrill any action fan. Your mission, should you choose to accept it – experience all five action-packed films in eye-popping 4K Ultra HD.

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE and MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 2 will be available separately in 2-disc UHD/Blu-ray Combo Packs with High Dynamic Range, access to a digital copy, and previously released bonus content.  MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 3MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE—GHOST PROTOCOL and MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE—ROGUE NATION will each be available in 3-disc UHD/Blu-ray Combo Packs with High Dynamic Range, access to a digital copy and previously released bonus material.  In addition, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE—ROGUE NATION includes a Dolby Atmos® soundtrack remixed specifically for the home. With four times the resolution and more than double the number of colors available with full HD, the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray disc offers the highest quality picture for your home entertainment system.  The films will also be available on 4K Ultra HD Digital through select online retailers.

#5. Mission Impossible

mission impossible 4K

Brian De Palma’s 1996 Mission Impossible is and always will be – a classic. From the music, to one of the most famous scenes in film history (Tom Cruise dangling from that harness to avoid hitting the floor) – the film is a spy thriller masterpiece. The problem is, it’s a 1996 movie and some of the effects look a little dated in the 4K transfer. The train sequence was bound to run into some trouble, but thanks to the use of a lot of practical stuntwork at that time, the movie for the most part stands the test of time thanks to some brilliant direction and performances from the entire cast.

#4. Mission Impossible 3

mission impossible 3 4K

Most people will argue that MI:3 is the best of the franchise thanks to J.J Abrams’ solid direction and the late great Philip Seymour Hoffman’s astounding performance as the film’s main villain. It’s hard to debate that stance because Hoffman was SO DAMN GOOD here but overall I found there to be some major pacing issues halfway through the movie, but those are minor gripes. The famous bridge attack sequence (you know, when that explosion sends Cruise flying into the side of that car?) looks stunning in the 4K transfer and the film truly looks damn great 12 years later. Not to mention this is the entry of the franchise when Simon Pegg joined the cast and he’s the comedic relief that Mission Impossible sorely needed.

#3. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

mission impossible 4 4K

Brad Bird’s entry into the Mission Impossible universe was the best decision Paramount and Tom Cruise ever made for the franchise as it revitalised the property, added fun new supporting characters and started an ongoing narrative that is currently playing out as one of the best action trilogies in years. The sequence with Cruise climbing the Burj Khalifa (aka the world’s tallest building) is one of the best and most jaw-dropping stunts and action scenes ever filmed, period (it has never looked as good as it does in 4K UHD). Add the fact that Cruise was actually out there doing that himself really adds to the nerve-wracking tension. Make sure you watch the brilliant behind-the-scenes features on how they pulled this showstopper off.

#2. Mission Impossible 2

mission impossible 2 4K

Putting MI:2 as my second favourite Mission Impossible film is probably going to discredit this entire list in general, but the heart wants what the heart wants and I’m a sucker for a cheesy John Woo action spectacle. The soundtrack was killer and they added Limp Bizkit into the mix to nu-metalize the classic theme song (yes I still think it rocks, shut the hell up and don’t judge me!). Sure the acting was a little over-the-top but the action sequences and especially the final half hour are some of the wildest moments of the franchise. No other film in the franchise is this silly but in respect I don’t think they’re as much fun either. Much like the first film, seeing the 4K transfer definitely made me scratch my head a few times witnessing some dated effects, but the sound was on point, which only helps make that Bizkit theme song really pop… DEAL WITH IT!

#1. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

mission impossible 5 4K

The latest and greatest Mission Impossible flick is Rogue Nation. This film came out the same year as the most recent Bond flick and this one CRUSHED all spy thriller competition that year. Tom Cruise does some insane stunts (I love how he does a lot of his own stunts and I REALLY love that they’re all PSYCHOTIC AND EXTREMELY DANGEROUS). Director Christopher McQuarrie is the best man to help run this franchise alongside Cruise and I’m really looking forward to FALLOUT, which will likely wrap up this new ongoing trilogy that deals with The evil Syndicate. If you didn’t lose your mind watching Ethan Hunt run out of air during that dive sequence than you’re not a human being. This film also looks and sounds the best of all the 4K releases, but that’s probably because it was made with the latest technology as well. As an added bonus, the behind-the-scenes segments are also some of the meatiest of all the 4K re-releases and I love seeing how they manage to pull these stunts off.