Nathan For You The Complete Series (DVD Review)

by | Dec 11, 2018


Nathan for You stars comedian Nathan Fielder from Comedy Central and the Complete Series comes to DVD December 11, 2018! Here is my review:

Comedian Nathan Fielder uses his business degree and life experiences to help real small businesses turn a profit.  But because of his unorthodox approach, Nathan’s genuine efforts to do good often draw real people into an experience far beyond what they signed up for.


Enjoy all four seasons and more than 30 episodes in the 9-disc DVD set, which also includes audio commentary on select episodes and loads of uproarious extras such as the full “Dumb Starbucks” press conference, deleted scenes from “Finding Frances,” and much more.


There was a moment that shocked and hooked me early into my first ever viewing of Nathan For You where Nathan Fielder suggests to a struggling Frozen Yogurt shop owner that he add a poo flavoured FroYo to his menu in order to draw in customers…. That’s when I got it. This show was going to be dry, hilarious and one of the most uncomfortable comedy experiences ever – and after binging all four seasons I’m here to proclaim Nathan For You as one of the most underrated and hysterical reality/comedy prank shows since Jackass.

If you thought THIS IS AMERICA from Sacha Baron Cohen was tough to watch at times, then you haven’t seen anything yet.. And Nathan For You was around long before.  I had not seen a single episode or clip until diving into the Complete Series DVD set so I was much unprepared for Fielder’s brand of dry comedy. But — I’m a huge fan now, which is super depressing considering I just reviewed the COMPLETE SERIES, so I discovered a ‘new to me’hysterical series knowing there won’t be any new episodes ever.


The episodic structure is simple – Fielder will work with small businesses and provide them with ludicrous strategies that he believes will “increase” the company’s profitability. Whether that’s staging a viral video where a pig rescues a drowning goat or telling a caricature artist to make his portraits as offensive and insensitive as possible, the result is always going to be laugh-out-loud gold.

What I didn’t expect were some of the brilliant mini-sketches or bits inbetween the business strategies where Nathan is chatting with a summer Santa Claus who has a closet full of guns, or the brilliant graffiti dick drawing teenager he tries to entrap with a series of fake street posters.It’s all brilliant and innovative comedy that I’ve never seen executed quite so well and a lot of that has to do with Fielder’s ability to remain as stone-faced serious as possible in spite of the insane scenarios he’s put himself into.


My only criticism of the DVD set, is that one – it’s DVD and not Blu-ray so I did notice some laggy bits on some episodes and I was a little let down by the quality in those instances. Also, if you’re binging a ton of dry comedy, it’s going to feel like a brick house of sarcasm just rolled over your brain by the end. Nathan For You works best in smaller doses I think, but regardless of how you watch it – just watch it. This series is a hidden gem and a show that deserves to be seen by as many fans of prank shows as humanly possible. Would people really try a poo flavored frozen yogurt? The results will shock you. Get this immediately.

Rating:[star rating=’4.5′]