Necromantic is a Twisted Supernatural Thriller Destined for a Film Adaptation (Review)

by | Nov 13, 2020

Necromantic is a supernatural action thriller written by Lovern Kindzierski with artwork by Geof Isherwood, David Ross and Chris Chuckry. It is available now from Renegade Arts Entertainment! Here is my review:

Necromantic is a love story disguised as a supernatural action thriller, proving that not even death is enough to stop true love.

Jesse is a spook. Her latest foreign mission has landed her in a death trap. She saw something she wasn’t supposed to and now her “assignment”, a Warlord, wants her dead. Jesse learns from her boyfriend, Blake, that the warlord knows he is bound for Hell when he dies and his philosophy is it’s best to rule Hell than just be there to suffer. The Warlord has turned to necromancy to build an army of souls to take Hell. Will Jesse and Blake be able to stop him? Or will they join the Warlord’s ranks of hell-bound souls…

Necromantic is a new 144 page graphic novel. An action packed thriller with a steaming-hot love story that not even death can stop.

Writer Lovern Kindzierski has created some of the most unique and bizarre indie comics I’ve ever read. From his dark and twisted fantasy series SHAME, to the Greek acid trip UNDERWORLD, he’s managed to surprise me yet again with NECROMANTIC – an action packed epic that is ripe for a film adaptation. The artwork really shocked me and I’m proud to say that Geof Isherwood, David Ross and Chris Chuckry have delivered some of the finest illustrations to grace a Renegade Arts graphic novel yet. There’s one full page spread in particular near the very end of the book that I don’t want to spoil, but it was one of the most beautiful panels of 2020 — for all comics. Equal parts gory and beautiful, Necromantic is a strange mix of various genres that don’t typically go together all that often: war, horror & romance. Kindzierski has managed to balance all three in what I feel is his most refined and perfectly paced story to date. Each chapter builds and hooks you with one shocking reveal after the next until you reach a finale that blows away all of your expectations. Imagine Mr & Mrs Smith Versus The Evil Dead and you’ll get a small idea of the carnage that Necromantic unleashes on the page.

I’m not sure if there are more stories planned in this universe that Kindzierski has created here but there’s certainly some room for more adventures and I would love to explore some of the more insane subplots of this story, especially the afterlife and HELL. Yes Necromantic isn’t just a ghost story with machineguns – there are demons and a complete realization of the underworld that I would love to explore further if this series continues. I would love to see a Canadian filmmaker tackle this inevitable movie adaptation too and just make one of the most Metal love stories of all time. Because this story is so strange, you really could make it 100% dead serious or even go in a campy direction considering the mishmash of genres. Necromantic is a special comic and I truly would love to see what Jess and Blake do next. Their unique relationship has so many insane story possibilities that Necromantic could go in any direction and I’d be along for the ride just to see where Kindzierski decides to take it.

Necromantic would simply be one of the most straight-forward entertaining action books of the year but by his twisted design, Lovern Kindzierski has delivered something completely unique and special instead. Renegade Arts Entertainment continues to surprise me with the most diverse catalog of independent comics in Canada. I know 2020 sucks and trust me when I say it especially sucks for indie creators so do yourself a favor and check them out HERE — I GUARANTEE that you will find something that will blow you away.

Rating: 4.5/5