Nerd Relics Issue 3: Game of Thrones Wax Art by Kelly Clemmer

by | Oct 11, 2018


On this edition of Nerd Relics, we look at a gorgeous wax and acrylic Game of Thrones painting created by artist Kelly Clemmer.

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Kelly Clemmer is an artist hailing from Wainwright, Alberta Canada and he makes some damn fine art. Whether it’s a pop culture inspired painting on canvas or one of his latest sculptures, Clemmer is creating some beautiful art for all of us dorks out there. I’ve been a friend of his forever and he’s actually the guy who mentored me and helped transform me into the astounding journalist that I am today. Clemmer was the editor for the Wainwright newspaper I started working at in highschool and although he doesn’t work in the field anymore, he’s still creating a plethora of gorgeous art that really helps tie the room together. My “Winter is Coming” Direwolf painting that hangs directly above my workstation in my office was actually gifted to me at my wedding a few years ago (my uncle bought it from Clemmer and bestowed upon me the greatest wedding gift in the history of wedding gifts). I think I’m actually the one who saw some of Clemmer’s wax animal art on his Facebook page and suggested he try out a direwolf in that same style. Low and behold he ran with the idea — now I own it and I absolutely adore it.

kelly clemmer with ray park

L-R: Ray Park with Kelly Clemmer

Currently, Clemmer is still creating some really badass stuff which you can check out on his Facebook or official website. You can even purchase that stuff there if you’re lucky enough to grab one before they sell out. Clemmer was recently at this year’s Edmonton Expo and met Darth Maul himself, actor Ray Park, who not only posed for that picture above, but he signed the bust as well. I think it’s still available on Clemmer’s site – so if you wanna own some Maul, signed by Maul, you can grab that here while it lasts.