Prophets of Rage – The Party’s Over: What Better Place Than Here, What Better Time Than Now? [Review]

by | Aug 30, 2016

The rock rap supergroup Prophets of Rage, consisting of members from Rage Against The Machine (Tom Morello, Tim Commerford, Brad Wilk), Public Enemy (Chuck D, DJ Lord) and Cypress Hill (B-Real), has released it’s first EP ‘The Party’s Over’ on August 26, 2016.

What better place than here, what better time than now? The Prophets of Rage have finally released an EP titled ‘The Party’s Over’, which features studio recordings and live cuts from the supergroup’s current tour which is lighting up the USA right now during the most tumultuous election year in the history of the country. We needed the Prophets of Rage and there is no better time than today for a band to rage against the machine in 2016.



  1. Prophets of Rage (studio cut)
  2. The Party’s Over (studio cut)
  3. Killing in The Name (live)
  4. Shut Em Down (live)
  5. No Sleep Til Cleveland (live)

Yes it’s only five songs, yes it’s only two studio recordings, but they’re both amazing tracks. Plus, those three live songs are some of the best live recordings you’ll ever hear. The Prophets of Rage have captured the energy from a Rage Against The Machine show and delivered something even more unique and special.


I don’t even miss Zack De La Rocha’s RATM vocals anymore to tell you the truth, because I have duelling rap geniuses in B-Real and Chuck D doing something so amazing here. These two guys are going back and forth and trading lines from ‘Killing in The Name’ and destroying it. I love hearing B-Real singing “Fuck You, I won’t do what ya tell me”- then directly after Chuck D is singing the same thing, then back again to B-Real, then BACK AGAIN – my god, you have no idea how insane, how glorious it is to have TWO rap greats collaborating like this with Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk playing the instruments behind them.

I’m convinced that the RATM trio of musicians in Morello, Commerford and Wilk could be the world’s most versatile and profound rock band of all time. Think about the success they have had trading vocalists now – first Rage Against The Machine, then Audioslave (which was an incredible band with Chris Cornell on vocals) and now Prophets of Rage. The hat trick that these guys have now pulled off with three very unique and different badass sets of singers, is something truly special and I think it warrants a closer look at just how good these three are.


If you’re a rap only fan and you like Cypress Hill, if you like Public Enemy – you will still dig Prophets of Rage – even though these songs that the band is playing are all very much bred in rock, the verses and lyrical flow between these two hip hop icons is seamless. The live recordings sound first-class and the studio songs are marvellous. I’m chomping at the bit to see the Prophets of Rage live and it would be so very welcome if fans could get a full studio album packaged with a live show…. Just a thought please – my god, just take all my money.

We need to fight the power and in a year where politics are more asinine than ever, a band like this who isn’t afraid to tackle the bullshit head on is necessary for music fans. Get this EP today, get a ticket to the closest Prophets live show and check out a modern miracle of musical mastery sharing the stage together while it lasts – because we shouldn’t be so lucky to have such a powerful group kicking that much ass all over North America.

Rating: [star rating=”5″]