Rick and Morty Return for Season 2 July 26; Watch Them Murder The Simpsons

by | May 15, 2015

Dan Harmon (Community) and Justin Roiland’s brilliant animated series Rick and Morty will return for it’s second season July 26th on Adult Swim.

The upcoming episode of The Simpsons (May 17th) features Rick and Morty crashing the cartoon series’ signature couch gag in an extended sequence that plays out like a short film. Watch it below.

“We are honored and blown away to be a part of ‘The Simpsons. If I could go back in time and tell myself that this would happen, I’d be like ‘No way, Jose!’ I simply can’t believe it. I think we might all be living in some kind of massive computer simulation to be honest. Look up simulation theory. That would explain how this happened.” said Roiland.