#SDCC2015 Day 1 Recap: Ben Affleck to Direct Next Batman Film & Nick Offerman Auditions for Wolverine

by | Jul 9, 2015

Day 1 of the 2015 San Diego Comic Con has come to a close. Check out my picks for the best and worst announcement – Plus all the other highlights that stood out on the first day of SDCC2015.

The Best Announcement of The Day:

Ben Affleck to Direct Next Batman Film & Co-write With Geoff Johns


Anyone who knows Affleck, knows that he can direct one helluva flick. The Town. Gone Baby Gone. Argo. He’s a better filmmaker than he is an actor but you know what? He’s a damn fine performer too and screw everyone who still gives the guy shit. From the little we’ve seen so far of Affleck as the new Batman in the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, he looks the part and his Frank Miller inspired suit is the best way to re-introduce this character after so many other actors have worn the cowl. Having DC Creative director Johns co-writing is a nice touch too.

Source: Deadline

The Worst Announcement of The Day:

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Teaser Trailer Revealed


The final chapter of the Hunger Games franchise hits theaters November 20th and I’ve yet to actually watch Part 1… I enjoyed the first two films and I will get around to watching the final two but after this teaser, I honestly couldn’t give two shits.

I thought the soldiers were about to break into a dance number before Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) walks in to rally the troops. I’m still not convinced that this wasn’t in fact a teaser for Taylor Swift’s sequel to Bad Blood.

Source: Lionsgate

The Rest of My Favourite Highlights:

The Dark Knight III: The Master Race to Conclude Epic Trilogy by Enlisting Artists Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson


Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello will co-write the third and final chapter in this legendary saga of an elder Batman and the addition of these two artists Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson is a promising move in finally moving ahead on this eight issue mini series.

The Dark Knight III: The Master Race debuts this Fall from DC Comics during the 30 year anniversary of the original Dark Knight Returns. Each issue will be 32 pages and feature a bonus 16-page Dark Knight Universe comic featuring a rotating roster of guest artists and characters. This may have just become my most anticipated comic series of 2015.

New Damien Trailer for Upcoming A&E Series from Former Walking Dead Showrunner Glen Mazzara


The upcoming TV series sequel to the classic film The Omen looks pretty damn spooky… With Glen Mazzara being the showrunner, I was automatically sucked into this show long before I saw any footage and now that I have — I’m still very much onboard. Mazzara’s work on Walking Dead and The Shield is legendary and the trailer looks like it will do justice to the original film in which it’s spawned from.

Bradley James (Homeland) — I’m not overly familiar with but as the series lead he looks like he’s going all out and being put through the Satanic ringer. A&E has done great work backing Bates Motel so I’m sure they’ll do right by Damien as well.

Source: A&E

New Transformers: Devastation Gameplay Trailer is a Blast from The Past for Oldschool Fans


Transformers: Devastation is an upcoming action adventure title based on the original animated series and produced by Activision and Platinum Games. It is set for release on PS3, PS4, XBox360 and Xbox One October 6th.

As a massive fan of the original film specifically, seeing the gameplay footage here  is exhilarating to my inner and not so hidden child. Hearing the original voice cast is also a major plus – it always bums me out when Peter Cullen and Frank Welker aren’t involved in a Transformers product.

Nick Offerman, Thomas Middleditch & More Audition for Wolverine on Conan O’Brien


With Hugh Jackman confirming that the upcoming and third solo Wolverine film being his last appearance as that character, it looks like several unlikely candidates are auditioning to fill the void after that film comes out March 3, 2017.

Source: Team Coco