Slots and Heroes: Making money, having fun

by | Nov 12, 2018

We’ve pretty much concluded now that comic books aren’t just for kids. The dark undertones that many plotlines depict, be it in the comics that are released every week, or the movies, have a much bigger adult audience. Films, such as Deadpool, are made with a mature cinemagoer in mind, and they have gone on to prove their mantle at the box office as well.

We are at present in the golden age of superheroes with an abundance of TV series, movies, and of course new written content coming out regularly. There has also been a growth in memorabilia attached to comic books. From mugs and figures to tees and slot machines, everything and everyone seems to be joining the superhero train to success. One of the most fun palaces to interact with your favourite characters is through the slots, and we look at some of the best games available right now that entertain you and also lead to profit making.


The Dark Knight continues to fascinate us and protect us from the evils of Gotham in books and movies so that we can enjoy a game of slot or two in peace. With the arrival of online casinos, the variety of games available has multiplied immensely, and each casino has something unique to offer. For those interested, here are some great tips for Spin Palace users which can be used to collect promotions that are sure to help when playing this classic game with a bonus round and a five reel nostalgic feel to it.


Ghost Rider

Something is fascinating about a character that has sold his soul to the devil and then, due to a few turns of events, becomes a hero of sorts that goes about with a flaming head, literally. The slot of Ghost Rider is equally impressive with content that is in-your-face and filled with comic book characters. The best part of the slot is that there are possibilities to win a jackpot, bonus round, and free spins as part of the game.


Staying true to the graphic novel is what makes any slot all the more favourable, and Wolverine does precisely that. So, instead of Hugh Jackman taking the role front and centre, here we have five rows of classic Wolverine content to play. Similarly, when deciding on an online casino, it helps to be accurate and knowledgeable, and Bob Dealer does that by reviewing various options available for you and me. With a jackpot, bonus rounds, and graphics that are pretty nifty, Wolverine is one of the best slots out there to enjoy.


When it comes to comics, there has always been a general inclination to focus more on the heroes rather than the villains. However, whether it is Keith Ledger in Batman or the various LEGO DC Super-villains, there is always something uniquely appealing about the baddies too. The same holds for anti-heroes, such as Hellboy, who are good at heart but also have a certain naughtiness about them. The Hellboy slot focuses on the comic book with a lovely maroon colour taking up space along with symbols and characters from the graphic novels. With five reels to play Hellboy has pretty good graphics and a hellish soundtrack that suits the game perfectly.