Spotify Album of The Week: Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression

by | Mar 18, 2016

Check out my weekly Spotify album of the week right here (Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression) with a direct link so your lazy asses can click right off them phones and start playing it right then and there. It’s the future!

Iggy Pop’s seventeenth – yes that’s right 17th! – studio album Post Pop Depression was produced by Queens of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme. It may be the best decision that the 68-year-old punk icon has made in decades. The record feels like a QOTSA effort with Pop on vocal duties and I think that’s a brilliant move. Think what the soundtrack playing over the speakers would be like in some little diner in the middle of the desert that’s about to be the scene of some amazing showdown between the forces of heaven and hell. That soundtrack would be Post Pop Depression.


You know how David Bowie kept re-inventing himself in the later years of his career – even right up until his death not long ago? Iggy Pop is doing that with Post Pop Depression. Except – you know – please don’t die Iggy Pop.

‘Sunday’ and ‘Paraguay’ are my favourites so far but this is an album worth exploring several times. It’s bizarre, it won’t be for everyone because it’s so damn weird, but Iggy Pop is really good at making the strange seem so slick. Get it today.