Spotify Album of The Week: Leo Metal Covers Volume 6

by | Feb 26, 2016

Check out my weekly Spotify album of the week right here with a direct link so your lazy asses can click right off them phones and start playing it right then and there. It’s the future!

My pick this week is a release from December, 2015 – featuring Leo aka Norwegian artist Leo Moracchioli. This is his sixth metal covers album and it features wicked renditions of Adele’s “Hello” (check out the awesome video below featuring guitarist Pete Cottrell) as well as a personal fav. of mine The Gorillaz’ “Feel Good Inc.”.


I wasn’t familiar with Leo so his cover of “Hello” was my introduction and I was immediately hooked, proceeding to acquire every single album that he’s ever released as soon as I was finished the track. Metal covers of pop songs are a thing and whether or not they’re any good totally relies on the arrangement and Leo fucking nails it every time.

Not only are his versions better, not only do they make me feel like a man while I’m headbanging to Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’, but they all seem like they were written to be performed as metal tracks which is fascinating in itself. Check out Leo Metal Covers Volume 6 below and then immediately grab every other previous volume as soon as possible afterwards.