Squarriors #3: The Most Shocking Chapter Yet Cements Series as One of The Best Titles of 2015 [Advanced Review]

by | Jun 19, 2015

From writer Ash Maczko and artist Ashley Witter (Team Ash), comes the groundbreaking comic series Squarriors from Devil’s Due Entertainment. Check out my review of issue 3 right here!

Since the demise of humanity, the remaining animal life on the planet have become intelligent. The sudden spark of rational thought creates an internal struggle for these creatures; instinct versus reason. Animals of all species find themselves creating tribes and societies-each with their own beliefs, leaders, laws, and even armies. Some are working to be civilized while others embrace the barbaric ways of their ancestors.


There is not a better looking comic book on shelves right now. Artist Ashley Witter’s ultra-realistic art style is like nothing else on the scene and writer Ash Maczko has shown so much promise as an up and coming talent that it’s hard to ignore such a powerful series like Squarriors any longer. In issue 3, Maczko has blown my mind. As much as I loved the first couple chapters in this first four-issue arc, the final few pages of this upcoming issue are some of the most insane and shocking moments of any comic that I’ve read all year.

The way Maczko and Witter planned out this one sequence where a Tin Kin tribe member breaks down into tears after explaining the horrible passing of one of their own – is downright heart-breaking. I choked up and it was a panel where a squirrel was crying…. To pack that much of an emotional gut-punch using furry little rodents — is damn impressive and I honestly did not expect that in the slightest.

I had one tiny issue with the previous two chapters – and it’s the fact that distinguishing all of these characters from one another was pretty confusing at times. It’s because Witter’s art is so perfect in capturing these animals realistically, that at times it became tough. That problem was corrected in issue 3. I could easily tell who was who and I think Maczko’s dialog where character names were repeated quite a bit during conversations helped to correct that small problem.


Much of #3 is set-up and story after what could be considered two action-packed chapters but to be honest, I loved what may be considered the slowest issue yet — leaps and bounds above the other two — and those two were fucking fantastic. I refuse to spoil anything but the outcome of this chapter is so shocking and so well written that Squarriors has officially become one of my favorite series of the year right alongside Saga and Rat Queens. The final chapter of this first arc cannot come soon enough – if you aren’t reading Squarriors I urge you to go to your local comic shop and place your orders immediately. It’s time to support kick-ass creator-owned titles like this and it’s time – right now. Amazing.

Rating: [star rating=”5″]