Squarriors – Summer Issue 2: A Masterpiece Takes Time but There Will be Blood [Review]

by | Jan 6, 2017

From writer Ash Maczko and artist Ashley Witter (Team Ash), comes the groundbreaking comic series Squarriors from Devil’s Due Entertainment. Check out my review of volume 2 (Summer) issue 2 right here!


Since the demise of humanity, the remaining animal life on the planet have become intelligent. The sudden spark of rational thought creates an internal struggle for these creatures; instinct versus reason. Animals of all species find themselves creating tribes and societies-each with their own beliefs, leaders, laws, and even armies. Some are working to be civilized while others embrace the barbaric ways of their ancestors.

Don’t make us wait that long anymore team Ash! I realise a masterpiece takes time to build, but it’s been a long time since Summer Issue 01 hit shelves and like many other rabid animal warrior fans, I’ve been craving for more gorgeous art and suspenseful story from artist Ashley Witter and writer Ash Maczko. The duo haven’t been slacking off mind you, during the gap between issues they invented a damn card game based on the franchise, which looks really, really cool. Check that out HERE.

In this second issue we are most definitely building up to a major battle as the Maw begins marching against the Tin Kin after teaming up with those bloodthirsty felines of the Amoni tribe. The little assassin Ghost gets to showcase his deadly skills in the opening pages after embedding himself directly inside the Tin Kin fortress and I couldn’t be more stoked to see what the Boba Fett of the Squarriors universe is capable of in later issues.

If you wanted blood, you will get it here and it will be plentiful. The Maw are ruthless and you’ll get but a taste of their ferocity as they encounter a village en route to their main course. I don’t know who this raccoon is but he’s a badass too – I’m hoping he lasts longer than it looks like he will be… That’s the glorious thing about Maczko’s world — he puts a lot of thought into building an ensemble of really intriguing characters, all of which I’d love to spend more time with at some point.


I don’t want to spoil any story details, but you will see death, animals getting chomped to smithereens and all of it showcased in ultra-realistic detail by artist Ashley Witter, who is doing such an amazing job on this series. I don’t think you could ever bring in a different illustrator at this point into the fold and have the series be the same. Witter’s work defines Squarriors and really gives it the depth such a twisted tale deserves. I love seeing the growth in Maczko’s narrative style as well in this second season (or volume). Just the moments when Ghost is stalking his victim(s) and the action, along with his backstory are being told amidst the action – I love that. It also helps to keep the complex story in check, because I’m a lazy A-Hole, so I constantly need to be reminded who is who and what the hell is going on. Squarriors is amazing to look at and so much so that you forget that there’s an equally as sharp story being woven on a scale that rivals war series like Game of Thrones and Vikings.

Rating: [star rating=”4.5″]