Film Podcast: Generation VHS, Episode 2: Good Burger

Cory and Sean of the new podcast Generation VHS head to lunch with Ed to get a Good Burger and a Good Shake in a revisit of the Nickelodeon 90s family film Good Burger.

They discuss Kenan and Kel’s place as the generation’s Abbott and Costello, the film’s surprising sociopolitical themes and if the burger is still fresh all these years later.

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Film Podcast: Generation VHS, Episode 1 – Space Jam

Welcome to Generation VHS, the new 90s and 00s film podcast hosted by 615 Film’s Cory Woodroof and Sean Atkins. We’ll be aiming each and every week to break down the family films that us millennials grew up with, and determine what they meant to us then, what they mean to us now and, really, if they’re actually any good.

This week, we’ll start out with a classic: Space Jam, starring Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny.

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