Tech N9ne – Special Effects is an Album of The Year Contender [Mini Review]

by | May 12, 2015

Tech N9ne’s 15th studio album just might be his best and I’ve said that with nearly every consecutive release that the underground phenom has unleashed upon the masses.


Whether he’s featuring Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor (on the badass Wither) or he’s rapping alongside Eminem on the album’s strongest cut ‘Speedom’, Tech N9ne once again proves that he’s the best rap artist on earth. And I say this with confidence because he has absolutely stacked ‘Special Effects’ with an abundance of supreme guest artists and every one of them even at the top of their game – still can’t touch the power and flow of N9ne himself.


‘Special Effects’ is both dark and brooding but also fun and uplifting, taking listeners through the entire gamut that N9ne has to offer his fans. The production is astounding, the lyrical content inspiring and the end result is setting the standard for rap artists of this generation. ‘Special Effects’ will be one hell of a difficult hip hop album to top in 2015 and maybe overall for any genre.

The Fox Force Top 5 Tracks:

  1. Speedom (WWC2)
  2. Shroud
  3. On The Bible
  4. Wither
  5. Aw Yeah (InterVENTion)