Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is a Lot of Fun Even if You’re Not The Target Audience (Review)

by | Jul 30, 2018

I’ve never watched the Teen Titans Go, so Teen Titans Go! To the Movies was the first my first experience of them.  Honestly, I don’t quite get it,l but I’m clearly not the demographic. Even so, it was easy to sit through, full comprehension wasn’t necessary.  Teen Titans Go! To the Movies was fast paced, there was music throughout and the action cut fast enough to satisfy even my short attention span.

teen titans poster

A villain’s maniacal plan for world domination sidetracks five teenage superheroes who dream of Hollywood stardom.

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies did the Breaking the Fourth Wall thing. A lot.  The characters called attention to plot devices. They made fun of the fact that every superhero (and superhero adjacent) gets their own movie.  But what’s interesting about that is you can deconstruct all the elements of fiction even while you’re using them and still make them work for you.  Even if you make fun of the elements of your own plots, those elements can still make a good movie.

Let me tell you, this movie was well written.  There was an achievable, measurable goal and everyone had their motivations.  It was perfectly paced. There was foreshadowing and callbacks. And the whole thing tied together at the end better than I’d expected.  The jokes were kind of silly and I didn’t find it all that funny. I was the only one – the kids in the audience laughed the whole time.  Although there was a joke involving batman’s parents that was worth the price of admission. Then I howled but nobody else laughed. It was probably too dark.  

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies looked so good.  Man there were a lot of colours there, HUGE saturation, which is hard to do right.   The music was also pretty entertaining and they switched it up quickly. I also liked the ‘theme’ of the movie, about how other people recognizing you isn’t a true measure of your worth.  Or something. Maybe friendship is more important than being in a movie, that’s good too. Or, and this is my take, there’s too many goddam superhero movies being made and it has to stop.

So is Teen Titans whatever worth watching?  Yes it is, especially if you’re a kid or a teen.   It’s looks so simple but it’s deceptively well made.  I may not be a brand new Teen Titan’s fan but everyone there had a good time, including me.  And I didn’t get half of it. For one thing I only recognised Robin – are the others cannon somewhere else too?  I don’t know. Perhaps I’ll find out.

Rating: [star rating=”4″]