The Year’s Biggest Day in TV Raises a Big Question

by | May 27, 2022

Memorial Day weekend is a battle for eyeballs for the world’s two biggest streamers, however…

Summer is heating up quickly, and it’s more than just Tom Cruise releasing his long awaited (and excellent) sequel, Top Gun: Maverick. It’s the biggest weekend of the year in television for the two biggest shows of the year.

At Netflix, we have Volume 1 (consisting of seven episodes) of Stranger Things 4.

And over at Disney+, it’s the two-episode premiere of the Star Wars limited series Obi-Wan Kenobi.

This weekend is undoubtedly a huge win for fans of these franchises and television in general. However, it raises a big question for its viewers:


 How much television content is too much?


Think about all the television shows you watch now and just how much television there is out there on so many streaming services. Behind a season or two on a show you currently watch? Still haven’t watched that show your friend recommended to you? Do you find yourself watching another show instead of catching up on your backlog of other shows and find yourself scrolling around on various services for who knows how long?

And how many of you try to catch up on your shows only to have another show enter the conversation, tempting you to drop everything and watch that? This most recently happened to me with Apple TV+’s excellent Severance (the best show of the year so far, in my opinion) and I’m sure it’s going to happen with viewers catching up on the latest Stranger Things or Star Wars series this weekend.

If I’m asking these questions, I’m sure most of you are, too.

Currently, I’m behind on the latest seasons of HBO’s Barry, AMC’s Better Call Saul, FX’s Atlanta, Netflix’s The Witcher, Ozark, and Sex Education, and Apple TV+’s Servant.

There’s nothing wrong with good television. And given how good television has been in recent years, I’ve found myself more invested in shows than a large portion of the films I see. However, content overload is a real thing in the television world now.

Television is eventually going to hit a wall, as these companies releasing new content cannot continue to keep up the pace. And with streamers charging more and more for their services, while soon adding advertisement tiers at cheaper prices (feels like cable again, right?), who will be left standing amongst the streamers as they battle for subscribers’ dollar? 

For now, it’s a celebratory weekend for millions of fans of the Stranger Things and Star Wars franchises, and I’m happy for them. However, viewers are feeling the glut when it comes to the amount of content there is in the world of television right now.