The 2015 Lethbridge Entertainment Expo Wrap-Up: Jason Mewes, Billy West, Lee Arenberg, Phil Lamarr, Garrett Wang & More!

by | Nov 17, 2015

The 2015 Lethbridge Entertainment Expo has come and gone like a nerdy tidal wave washing over the Enmax Centre in Southern Alberta. Spectacular guests like Jason Mewes (Jay & Silent Bob), Billy West (Futurama), Phil LaMarr (MAD TV), Lee Arenberg (Once Upon a Time) and Garrett Wang (Star Trek Voyager) were on hand to meet with fans and more. Check out the full lineup HERE!

This was my first time at the Lethbridge Entertainment Expo and I had a profound experience getting to hang out with some of the coolest celebrities, artists and creators that I’ve yet to meet. I attend the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo every year and I dare say that despite the obvious scale differences — I had more fun at this year’s Lethbridge Expo. I got to hang out with Lee Arenberg from the freaking Pirates of The Caribbean, go out and chill with Jason Mewes and talk about all the nerdy shit we watch on TV, his career. Meeting Billy West and Phil Lamarr from Futurama and EVERYTHING else that matters in animation was incredible…

The list goes on and on so I’ve pulled some of my favorite moments from the weekend of Nov. 14/15th and laid em out for you to see. Hopefully if you didn’t and how dare you — attend the Expo this year, this will sway you down the road. There is a place for conventions like this in Lethbridge and it was proven once and for all in 2015 with the Lethbridge Entertainment Expo. Garrett Wang from Star Trek Voyager made a surprise appearance all day Saturday too. He wasn’t even on the list – but he was there! Check out Mark’s write-up on that HERE.

Huge thanks to Matthew Odland and his crack team of organizers and volunteers for putting on one hell of a show and I’m happy to be the official media outlet for LethExpo – the number one resource for all your news, interviews and more. Cheers fellow nerds!

Jason Mewes


During his panel, Mewes told a story about how one day when he was out for a walk with his baby daugher Logan that he was attacked by a crazy homeless man. Mewes had Logan strapped into a front harness so he was able to avoid the insane person who at one point told Mewes, “I’m gonna kill you and your baby!” To which Jay eventually shoved the psycho away and picked up a rock to threaten the guy who started crying: “You’re gonna kill me, please don’t kill me!” 

The joys of parenthood and fending off crazy hobos. Mewes was a wonderful panel speaker and was more than happy to hang with all the fans and vendors at the Expo. Our interview was one of the highlights of my career thus far because he was so open about his personal life and didn’t shy away from the business either. Read my entire interview HERE.

Billy West

Billy West

“Don’t tell your kids to follow their dreams… That’s stupid!” — Billy West during his panel with Phil Lamarr. West is an icon. His advice to future voice actors and the youth of today was blunt but honest and you can learn more than a thing or two from the man who is one of the greatest voice performers of all time. Hearing him do his Dr. Zoidberg was one of the coolest moments of the weekend too I have to admit. Read my interview with him HERE where he talks about the Space Jam sequel, Futurama cast reunion, his Podcast and much more.

Lee Arenberg


Talk about the most approachable and friendly convention guest that I think I’ve ever met. Lee is not only one of the hardest working actors today, appearing in pretty much every damn TV series ever (Mike Moffitt from Seinfeld anyone?) but he’s one of the kindest on the con circuit. His stories about his long and amazing life in Hollywood are fascinating but he’s also one damn good motivational speaker. Read my interview with him HERE about Pirates of The Caribbean, Once Upon a Time and more.

Phil Lamarr


I’m a big fan of the Green Lantern from Bruce Timm’s Justice League series and Phil Lamarr just also happens to be in the funniest scene from my favorite film of all time – Pulp Fiction. He’s a founding cast member from Mad TV and easily one of the best of the best when it comes to voice performances. I tried my best to get any sort of info out of him from the fourth season of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – see how that turned out right HERE in my interview.

Brendan Hunter

I am so not an anime guy so I had no clue what the hell to talk to actor Brendan Hunter about but luckily Troy knew his stuff and hearing those two chat about Hunter’s roles on Hunter X Hunter (Hisoka) or Dragon Ball (Tien) was fascinating. Hunter also stole the damn show with his outlandish shenanigans during panels. Sporting a glorious beard, complete with beard wax and curly moustache, Hunter was a riot and a truly funny person that I hope continues to come back year after year to Lethbridge. When I asked Billy West who the nicest guy he’s met at a convention was – two names popped up: Brent Spiner and Brendan Hunter. If you ever get a chance to hang out with Brendan – don’t be shy – he sure as hell isn’t. Check out the photo with him and cosplayer Spencer Valliant below:

brendan hunter and spence

Ryan Ferrier

I’ve been a fan of comic writer Ryan Ferrier for a long time now, following his work back to Tiger Laywer, who my buddy and Comicosity EIC Aaron indoctrinated me into years back. I’ve always meant to meet the guy and buy a bunch of his stuff – so that’s exactly what I did – I’m gonna catch up on D4ve right freaking now.

Eric Dyck

Eric is a local to Lethbridge and one of the most laid back and approachable comic creators that I’ve run into — and I’ve run into a lot over the years. If you haven’t checked out his work – I urge you to do so immediately.


Renegade Arts Entertainment

Renegade Arts Entertainment is such a cool comics publisher. Run out of Alberta, they produce a plethora of really interesting books and after meeting them at the Expo I’ve become a fan for life. Be prepared to read my reviews of their work from this point forward.


The Conclusion

The Lethbridge Entertainment Expo was a blast. I’m exhausted from covering as much as I possibly could and I networked my ass off, making new friends and getting the word out on FFFN as best I could. But all in all it was so much fun that it’s hard to really call any of it work, even if you stay up till 4 AM transcribing audio interviews. The cosplay was great, the crowds were wonderful, the vendors stocked with great items – thanks Kapow! and Showcase!! You rule as always. Until next time Lethbridge – buy a ticket, tell your friends and family — spread the word: The Lethbridge Entertainment Expo is the must-see event in this city.