The Apex – Underbelly EP: Brutal, Deep & Wickedly Entertaining [Review]

by | Sep 16, 2016

Something I’ve always loved when I learn of a band I’ve never heard before, is that “Oh, shit!” moment. That moment when you’re listening to a new album, and a part in a song makes you involuntarily start head banging, regardless of your surroundings, and then let out a Ric Flair, “WOOOO!” afterward. This moment came to me on my morning commute while listening to the new EP, “Underbelly”, released mid August of this year by Windsor, Ontario’s The Apex. Dealing with a recent relocation across the country, the opportunity to check out new music didn’t really present itself, but I couldn’t be happier that I didn’t miss this.

The Apex formed in 2013, had released a self-titled LP in February of 2015 that caught listener’s attention. The group has since played many festivals, and shows, sharing the stage with acts like, Upon A Burning Body, Emmure, and Protest The Hero.

Underbelly (EP) contains only three songs, and is roughly eleven minutes long, however, it is one of the heaviest and well executed eleven minutes I’ve heard in some time. It’s brutal, deep, and wickedly entertaining. The Apex works well together musically to give it their unique sound, of punishing breakdowns, intricacy and speed. Tying it all together with the impressive vocals of Darren Marchand, who gave me that moment of “Oh Shit!” which came at the beginning of the song, Underbelly, the second track on the EP, gives listeners a taste of hopefully, what’s to come.


Although there are only three songs on the EP, there is a sense the tracks blend together. Though that may have been intentional to give the album a different effect for the listeners. Rather than three radically different tracks, it seems that The Apex have found their sound, and really showcased what it can do on the EP. If you haven’t heard of group, be sure to check them out, just be careful where you’re listening to The Apex, and beware of your surroundings.

Rating: [star rating=”4″]