The Pissed Off Back to Work 2018 Playlist: Featuring Twiztid, Nothingface & Deftones

by | Jan 2, 2018

twiztid playlist

Christmas holidays are over. You’re back to work after celebrating the New Year by eating all that leftover dip and you’re probably barely awake. Time to blast the music as loud as possible and suck back that coffee. Here are 10 pissed off songs to get you back into the groove – featuring Twiztid, Deftones, Nothingface and more.

Warning: These songs are explicit as hell. That means there are lots of bad words. Enjoy.

twiztid playlist

You’ll notice many of these tunes have “kill” or “f***” or something else angry as hell in the song titles. That’s your key indicator of what these 10 songs are all about. This is pissed off music that is meant to fire you up. It ranges from old stuff, to new stuff, from metal, to rap – you name it. I work at home, so it’s hard to get motivated after Christmas holidays to actually DO WORK – this is my fuel in songform.

For fun – click the song titles to open them up in Spotify and add them to your own pissed off back to work playlists.

#10. Yelawolf – American You

#9. Pantera – 5 Minutes Alone

#8. Korn – Right Now

#7. Onyx – Buc Bac

#6. Twiztid – Kill Somebody

#5. Hollywood Undead – Kill Everyone

#4. Mindless Self Indulgence – Hey Tomorrow Fuck You and Your Friend Yesterday

#3. Deftones – 7 Words

#2. Nothingface – Murder is Masturbation

#1. Soundgarden – Ty Cobb