The Top 10 E3 2016 Trailers: God of War, Spider-Man PS4 & Friday The 13th

by | Jun 14, 2016

The 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2016) is currently going strong from June 14 – 16 but the major companies have already held their press conferences – Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, Bethesda and more. Once again – this being the fourth consecutive year in a row – Nintendo has opted out.

Here are my top 10 favorite trailers from the press conferences. Before I begin, let me say that it looks like Sony is the winner here after delivering some of the coolest exclusives and more, including two teasers for virtual reality enhances titles. Microsoft had a strong show, announcing the new Xbox One Slim (and Scorpio for 2017), which looks great and packs a bigger 2 TB hardrive, but Sony still wins E3 2016 in my humble opinion.

#10. Dead Rising 4 is Ridiculous & I Like it

Probably my favorite Microsoft exclusive franchise at this point, because I’m not as impressed by Halo or Gears of War anymore but Dead Rising 4 embraces it’s insane nature and goes for broke every instalment. I mean – Frank is using a candy-cane crossbow in this thing.

#9. ReCore Looks Beautiful

Microsoft Studios are trying really hard to come up with a new franchise and I hope ReCore could be that boost they need. Utilizing a female lead who relies on various robots, each with their own unique abilities, you’re able to traverse a beautiful futuristic world. I love the look of this game – a lot. Plus that robot dog thing is cute.

#8. Prey isn’t Dead

I loved the original Prey and it’s been hinted that a sequel was in the works for the past decade or so but nothing ever came to fruition. It looks like Bethesda is gearing up for a reboot however as this reveal trailer looks almost nothing like the original. I hope they incorporate those unique moments that made the old one special – combining spiritual with sci-fi.

#7. State of Decay 2 Ramps Up Multiplayer

Everyone wants to know just a little bit what it’s like living during the zombie apocalypse, but with like, you know – without all the zombies and actual death. State of Decay 2 looks glorious as it adds multiplayer to the mix so we can all enjoy a good scouting mission to run over some road walkers and visit other survivor camps.

#6. We Happy Few is Twisted as Hell

Compulsion Games will release this disturbing FPS set in an alternate 1960’s July 26th via Xbox Game Preview. If the gameplay footage below is any indication, you’re in for a disturbing time as this one looks equal parts Bioshock and The Purge as people are seemingly forced to take their happy pills – or else. Can’t wait for ‘We The Happy Few’.

#5. Horizon Zero Dawn Comes to PS4 from Guerilla Games

From the makers of Killzone, Guerrilla Games are set to unleash an astounding action RPG that looks like the bastard spawn of Skyrim and Final Fantasy. Robotics and fantasy collide in this crazy gorgeous game that will without a doubt kill many of our attempts to leave the house when Horizon Zero Dawn arrives on the PS4.

#4. Batman: Arkham VR only on PS4

Rocksteady has revealed that the next instalment in their Arkham franchise will incorporate virtual reality and be exclusive to Playstation. Holy shit – Sony is racking up the points in 2016. See Gotham City through the eyes of the Dark Knight himself this October. Yes – THIS October.

#3. Spider-Man to Hit PS4 from Insomniac Games

The acclaimed studio behind the iconic Ratchet & Clank franchise are now making a PS4 exclusive Spider-Man title and I’m ecstatic. If there’s a studio that can breathe life into the Spidey gaming world – it’s this team and that trailer looked wonderful. The fact that it’s a PS4 exclusive title is huge too – it’s not often we have a Marvel project limited to only one console…

#2. Friday The 13th Looks Amazing

Gun Media will finally unleash the highly anticipated Friday The 13th this Fall on PS4, Xbox One and PC – and below you’ll get your first game-play walkthrough trailer. In the video you can play as either Jason or one of the camp councillors – you’re all going to want to be Jason so you can brutally murder these dumb teenagers. Bonus points for having Jason’s mother tell him to kill people during the game. This thing looks incredible and can do wonders for all future horror game adaptations.

#1. God Of War Returns on PS4

I love this franchise. Kratos is one of my favorite videogame characters of all time and I think God of War II might be my favorite Playstation 2 title ever. I love it so hard and this massive gameplay trailer for yet another instalment for the franchise and the first for PS4, looks incredible. Kratos has a beard, a kid and he’s kicking brutal ass once again.