The Top 10 Horror Films Since 2010 to Watch This Halloween

by | Oct 28, 2015

After browsing through the typical greatest horror films of all time lists and seeing the same titles over and over again I grew bored. I’m sick of seeing The Exorcist declared the greatest horror movie ever made. As for The Shining? I think that movie sucks. There – I said it – it’s atrociously acted and ridiculous. I tried watching it again the other week and I couldn’t sit through it. So let’s take a look at some CURRENT horror titles for a much needed change in pace.

I’ve locked in my picks for the best horror movies of the past five years and if you haven’t added any of these to your October/Halloween playlists then – SHAME – I say as I ring a bell and make you walk naked through your neighbourhood. SHAME!

World War Z

#10. World War Z

It’s not the book. It’s not even close but what it is – is downright insane. The initial outbreak sequence is one of the most terrifying and intense moments that I’ve seen in an action/horror flick. So much so that I’m willing to forgive the bastardization of the brilliant novel in which it’s based. World War Z is a thrill ride – watch the
uncensored cut.


#9. Spring

A love story. A disturbing love story where an American tourist just so happens to begin dating some sort of creature after he escapes some troubles back home and the death of his mother. I was fascinated with this little film because the monster stuff is handled so genuinely and blends so seamlessly well with the drama that it just works wonderfully.


#8. The Battery

This is one of the better zombie films in recent years and even though it’s super bleak, yes dudes get trapped in a car for quite some time while surrounded by the undead, it just works because of the performances. It’s gritty, it’s tremendously acted and it handles the post-apocalyptic world perfectly with some surprises along the way.


#7. The Conjuring

I’m not a big fan of the recent ‘ghost’ thrillers in recent years but The Conjuring stands above the herd by leaps and bounds. It’s genuinely scary and I fondly remember the time when I watched this alone one Halloween week and actually hid under a blanket for quite a bit of the runtime like a coward. Paranormal Activity is stupid. The Conjuring on the other hand – is the king of new ghost horror.


#6. Maniac

Elijah Wood reprises his role as Kevin from Sin City (not really but sorta) and the audience watches the film unfold from his first-person serial killer perspective. It’s an artsy film in some ways (mostly the ending) but its a frightening and jarring look into the mind of a psychopath in what may be the most original and unique horror title of the past five years.


#5. Wolf Cop

Canadian horror comedy Wolf Cop is a B-Movie romp not afraid to let loose and embrace the ridiculous nature of its cop turned werewolf concept. Hell – the first time we see our anti-hero morph into the feral beast we zoom in and start directly with his dick. Wolf Cop is a riot and is best served up on Halloween with beers and plenty of laughs. Can’t wait for that sequel!


#4. You’re Next

Director Adam Wingard is one of my favorite new filmmakers. His most recent effort ‘The Guest’ is more thriller than horror so I opted to place ‘You’re Next’ up here instead. You know all those breaking and entering killers wearing creepy mask movies that still flood the market for some reason? Well ‘You’re Next’ takes that concept and turns it right on top of its fucking head. Keep watching this – you won’t regret it.Tucker-and-Dale-Vs-Evil-2-in-Production-Soon-650x342

#3. Tucker and Dale vs Evil

The concept of having two loveable hill-billies being blamed by the accidental deaths of these stupid young college kids out in the woods is amazing. Wrong place, wrong time – every time for our two leads Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine. These poor guys are just trying to help, but these morons just keep dying around them and all their other dumb friends are led to believe these two guys who just wanna drink beer and fish – are bloodthirsty woodsmen.


#2. Deathgasm

The heavy metal horror hit Deathgasm is the newest addition to this list and make no mistake, it has already earned its place right near the top of the heap. Black metal corpse paint, demons summoned by evil riffs, copious amount of blood and Evil Dead inspired violence – Deathgasm is hands down the best horror film of 2015 and one of the greatest achievements in the genre for quite some time.


#1. The Cabin in The Woods

When Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard set out to make a horror film that completely dissected EVERY scary movie trope in existence I don’t think even they expected it to be this awesome. What starts out like your typical horror movie set-up, winds up something else entirely. It’s funny with a fucking insane climax (that final 20 minutes, Are you kidding me?) – unrivalled by any other horror movie ever — there’s a unicorn in this thing killing somebody! The Cabin in The Woods is the supreme champion of all horror movies since 2010.