The Top 5 DC Fandome Reveals: Including The Batman & Suicide Squad

by | Aug 24, 2020

This past weekend’s virtual comic con sized event – DC FANDOME – debuted so many badass trailers and news reveals that it almost made fans question the need for a physical convention at all down the road. The Batman, The Suicide Squad, Gotham Knights and more made their official trailer debuts so let’s talk about the best of DC FANDOME 2020:

#5. Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

Rocksteady, the original developers behind the revolutionary Arkham Asylum Batman games, have returned with a doozy. If your face doesn’t look like the bewildered King Shark’s mug (played by SAMOA JOE guys – how cool is that?) by the end of this super acid punk colored cinematic preview, then maybe you should shut up. YOU GET TO KILL THE JUSTICE LEAGUE IN THIS GAME?!?! The concept sounds crazy, the characters sound like a blast to play (Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang and King Shark — not sure if more are coming) and did I mention you are tasked with KILLING THE JUSTICE LEAGUE?

#4. Wonder Woman 84

We’ve all wanted to see Kristin Wiig in her full Cheetah form for quite some time now and even though it may not have been what I expected, she looks pretty cool (even though I’m assuming the effects are not done – some of those shots were a lil’ blurry). I don’t know when this movie is coming out, but it would have been even cooler if WB decided to reveal an ON DEMAND date with this trailer but that ain’t happening. Looks like we may need to risk death in order to see this one eventually in theaters.

#3. Gotham Knights

The Court of Owls is here! Also I’m confused as to why this game isn’t a sequel to the Arkham franchise while that Suicide Squad title IS, but nevertheless, playing as all the heirs to the Dark Knight’s throne is a very cool concept. The gameplay footage blew me away, especially seeing how the 2-player online co-op flows so well during a base infiltration. When my kids and I watched these previews, my daughter turned to me and said that she wished Gotham Knights was a movie and not just a game. I agree – this shit looks fantastic.

#2. The Batman

Aside from that one shot where Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne looks like vintage Gerard Way in all his sexy sadness — The Batman trailer absolutely killed. From the use of Nirvana on the soundtrack, to Paul Dano’s twisted new spin on The Riddler and then there’s that mind blowing reveal of Colin Farrel’s Penguin. Yeah nobody caught that the first time around, but the makeup team just got nominated for an Oscar and the movie isn’t even finished production yet.

#1. The Suicide Squad

James Gunn’s Suicide Squad reveals were my absolute favorite moments from the very first DC FANDOME. The roll call preview let us know what kind of wacky wild shit we are dealing with (see how happy King Shark looks!) and then the behind-the-scenes segment re-assured me that this movie is going to slap so hard that Disney’s going to feel even more shame for their past indiscretions at ever doubting this man to begin with. Also Sean Gunn’s Weasel’s is my favorite character. Those eyes…

Other DC Fandome Notes:

The Black Adam teaser still doesn’t make me think that this movie exists or will ever exist. Yes The Rock is awesome and I’m sure this will be great, but until I see an actual preview – I’m convinced this isn’t happening even though it’s absolutely official. Ridiculous.

The Snyder Cut of Justice League debuted its first official trailer and it showed some tasty new close-ups of Darkseid (he looks dope as Hell) and some more interesting footage of Cyborg that I’m curious to see when these four – hour long chapters debut in 2021. However, the use of Hallelujah throughout the preview felt kinda silly and played out. I’m hearing internet rumblings that Zack Snyder chose this song because it was his daughter’s favorite? If that’s the case – he gets a massive pass considering her passing is the reason why he departed production of this project in the first place. If there is no emotional connection to the track though? Screw it – because it was really annoying. It worked better as a sex soundtrack in Watchmen and even then it didn’t really work – time to retire this one people.

The title reveal of Shazam 2 is intriguing – ‘Shazam! Fury of The Gods’. As long as Mister Mind shows up as promised I’m a happy Shazamper.

Ezra Miller’s new Flash suit was revealed in some pretty damn sweet  concept art from his Flashpoint movie (another project I’m still not convinced is real even after they managed to get Michael Keaton to come back AS BRUCE WAYNE!!!!!!!). I mean – the OG Batman is even IN THIS CONCEPT ART! But that isn’t gonna happen in the movie is it? I didn’t expect Keaton to strap on that rubber suit one more time but after seeing this, I’m gonna be pretty sad if he doesn’t at this point.