The Top 5 Movies to Watch During Quarantine 2020 Feat. VFW & The Hunt

by | Apr 10, 2020

2020 has been bullsh*t so far, but there have been some incredible films released and they are available to watch on Blu-ray/streaming services right now, including VFW, The Hunt and more:

#5. Birds of Prey & The Invisible Man (Tie)

I liked Birds of Prey more than JOKER and that was one of my top 5 of 2019. Well… Ok, I had MORE FUN, watching Birds of Prey and although I don’t know if I’ll remember it as fondly by the end of 2020, I was happy I caught it in theaters and supported one of WB’s best superhero flicks to date. Everyone is on point in this film and the action is superb – if you missed it, don’t be an A-hole and go rent it today.

The Invisible Man was the only other film on this list I caught in theaters before the quarantine hit and it is SO GOOD. I’ve watched it twice and even the second time was incredibly unnerving with some of the best camera-work and direction of any movie released this year. It’s the Universal Monster movie we were sorely in need of to breathe life back into these classic horror icon franchises since every other attempt had been lackluster at best.

#4. Onward

Onward is a top 5 all-timer Pixar flick for me. It’s an homage to Dungeons and Dragons (THE GELATINOUS CUBE MAKES AN APPEARANCE!!) and more importantly it tackles some of the most devastating emotional subjects imaginable and it does so in a way that is both gut wrenching and beautiful. It’s available to watch now on Disney + if you missed it in theaters (like most of us did) and it’s a road trip movie about brothers in a world filled with fantasy creatures, which is right up my dork alley. I loved it, the kids loved it, everyone cried at the end for what felt like 8 hours but it’s a film that I don’t see being topped by any other animated flicks this year… (except maybe Connected which is due foe release this Fall and looks astounding).

#3. Guns Akimbo

Guns Akimbo is a frenetically paced film that takes aim at the internet and how it’s molded society into a group of bloodthirsty cowards, but it’s also just… a lot of goddamn fun.  Watching Daniel Radcliffe try to piss when he has guns bolted to his hands is equal parts the most terrifying and hilarious sequence of the year. You can call Guns Akimbo ‘Edward Gunhands’ but Howden’s film is already in on the joke and I’m pretty sure someone calls the lead just that at one point in the film. Guns Akimbo is a riot and a perfect follow-up to (Jason Lei) Howden’s cult classic heavy metal horror masterpiece Deathgasm.

#2. The Hunt

“YOU F***ED UP B*TCH!” – Betty Gilpin 

The Hunt is finally here! After being delayed for a long-ass time before the quarantine struck, it’s finally available to rent on demand and it’s a film that everyone with a sense of humor for the darkest of black comedies, should be getting asap. Betty Gilpin’s performance is my favorite of 2020 so far – from any actor – and the weird little character traits she introduces into this action-packed thriller are some of the most unusual and funny choices I’ve seen in years. She may be good in Netflix’ GLOW, but in The Hunt she officially joins the echelon of horror leading ladies destined to go down in history as cult classic icons. Yes she’s that good. Also – the quote from above is my favorite scene of acting this year. Happy hunting!

#1. VFW

VFW is a thundering 90 minutes of pure chaos and fun. Come for the shotgun blasts to the face but stick around for that magical (Joe) Begos touch, which sounds way dirtier than I intended. But seriously – VFW kills and it absolutely earns that ‘Fangoria Presents’ sticker of approval. This is The Expendables by way of classic John Carpenter and that formula is freaking delicious.

I haven’t seen a movie quite like this one since 2018’s Mandy – a similar film in that it was made with love for another time period of filmmaking but was still created with enough visual flair and unique touches that it transcended the older films and works that inspired it. VFW has that same vibe in that it is most definitely NOT just some throwback B-Movie romp. Begos is absolutely creating art amidst a canvas of mayhem and blood.

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