The Undead & Their Families Come Out to Prey at The 2015 Lethbridge Zombie Walk

by | Sep 19, 2015

[Exclusive] The 9th Annual Lethbridge Zombie Walk took place September 19th and the resident undead came out to enjoy a brisk walk, brave the wind and try to eat somebody as they took a stroll down-town.

All Photos by Keven Skinner

The Undead & Their Families Come Out to Prey at The 2015 Lethbridge Zombie Walk

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Make-up artist Katt Panic was on at hand to apply her skills to anybody wanting to look damn good at being dead. All proceeds from the donations went to charity: Alberta Animal Rescue. Organizer Jeremy Nordstrom carried the flag (with delicious brain emblazoned upon it) and was dressed up like a zombie from the game ‘The Last of Us’. After the group stopped briefly for their signature shot in front of Lethbridge City Hall, Nordstrom actually bit me so I’m living the final hours of my life today writing this apparently.

While chatting with a friend of mine Ryan Gibson, I encountered one of the greatest moments one could experience while attending a zombie walk… Gibson was dressed up in an orange jumpsuit and had an arm tucked into his suit to give the illusion of having one less appendage. While we were visiting, a shirtless and clearly inebriated fellow was walking by with some friends and this guy – was missing an arm. For real. Missing an entire damn arm. Shirtless intoxicated dude actually had but one arm and I wasn’t sure how he’d take someone pretending to have a severed limb. Gibson and I debated whether or not he should take his arm out of the jumpsuit, lest this shirtless guy ends up taking offence… It was too late.


Shirtless one armed guy walks over and proceeds to ask Gibson “where the f*** is your arm man?!?!” and then his friend asks him what happened to his face, not realizing Gibson is clearly dressed up as a zombie. The intoxicated troupe laughed it off and we breathed a sigh of relief. I mean what are the odds that an actual one-armed guy happens to stumble through the annual zombie walk? It was hilarious. Seeing people who didn’t know what was going on was the best part of the day. I watched zombies shamble onto the road at one point and pretend to attack a vehicle stopped at a traffic light.

I urge everyone to attend the 10th annual Lethbridge Zombie Walk next year and tell all your friends to be a part of the fun. We need more of you to support the undead. Check out the Zombies of Lethbridge Facebook Page – Like it – and watch out for updates in 2016.