The Venom Movie Will Adapt David Michelinie’s Lethal Protector & Planet of The Symbiotes Comics

by | Dec 11, 2017

planet of the symbiotes

From Sony and director Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) comes Venom, based on the Marvel Comics anti-hero. Starring Tom Hardy in the title role alongside Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Reid Scott, Jenny Slate and Scott Haze, the film is set for theatrical release October 5, 2018.

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Thanks to Collider – we’ve learned from director Ruben Fleischer that the Venom film will be borrowing two storylines from the comics for the upcoming movie.

Lethal Protector – Published 1993 and written by David Michelinie. In this famous Venom comic, the Spider-Man villain becomes a legit anti-hero for the first time and moves to San Francisco (which helps get him away from all those other Marvel heroes that Kevin Feige doesn’t want popping up in this flick). Also — the Life Foundation kidnaps Venom and winds up creating five additional symbiote super soldiers from Eddie Brock’s Venom suit.

Planet of The Symbiotes – Published 1995 and written by David Michelinie. In this Venom series, a series of murders makes Brock think he’s been killing innocents under the guise of Venom until he realises it’s the five symbiote soldiers that were spawned during the Lethal Protector story arc. Kletus Kasady also escapes from prison in this story arc and becomes Carnage once again while the other symbiote soldiers try to build a machine that will teleport them to a planet overridden with other nasty symbiotes.

planet of the symbiotes

So there you have it. We all thought Riz Ahmed might be playing Carnage in the Venom flick, but as it turns out – damn near every major castmember could be playing a symbiote-ized baddie in this Venom solo flick. I kind of both love this idea and think it’s insane to come out the gate swinging this hard. Both storylines above feature Spider-Man teaming up with Venom to save the day. It remains to be seen if Tom Holland’s Spidey or ANY Spider-Man for that matter will actually pop up in this movie.