The Walking Dead Has Found its Next Great Character with Garret Dillahunt’s John Dorie

by | Apr 20, 2018

Garret Dillahunt aka John Dorie is the new king of The Walking Dead television franchise, Vault Comics is on the rise and why do Bears Want to Kill You ? — all this and more on the RECAP SHOW!

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In this episode, I babble on about The Walking Dead season 8, Garret Dillahunt owning Fear The Walking Dead’s season four premiere, the film Rampage, Nekrogoblikon’s new album, Wasted Space from Vault Comics and the upcoming novel Bears Want to Kill You from the creator of Axe Cop!

  • SKIP to the Fear The Walking Dead Garret Dillahunt commentary: 11:00 min mark
  • SKIP to the Wasted Space comic pick: 8:00 min mark
  • SKIP to the Bears Want to Kill you segement: 9:00 min mark
  • SKIP to the Nekrogoblikon review: 6:00 min mark
  • SKIP to the Walking Dead Season 8 review: 1:50 min mark
  • RAMPAGE review starts video.