They Cancelled Deadly Class, Happy, Swamp Thing & I’m Pissed about It

by | Jun 6, 2019


These past couple days have been ROUGH for comic fans who love good television as SyFy announced that they were cancelling Deadly Class and Happy while DC Universe has canned Swamp Thing after only one episode into its debut season.

This is bullshit. Deadly Class and Happy are two of the year’s best TV shows but SyFy has deemed they weren’t worthy of additional seasons due to lower ratings. It happens and it blows, but what really stings is that both of those shows ended on cliffhangers (moreso Deadly Class which was only one season in, while Happy was ramping up for what could have been an amazing third and final season). I haven’t even watched Swamp Thing yet, which was one of my most anticipated shows of 2019. It was reported earlier this year that DC Universe had unexpectedly shut down production of the adaptation and forced them to cut their debut season from 13 episodes to 10 and then today after only the pilot has aired, that the entire show will NOT be coming back for a second season. Fans will get to check out the next nine episodes, but that’s where it ends and I hate everyone right now.

Happy! - Season 2

Deadly Class is phenomenal. It’s a damn crime that more people didn’t check it out because the show is cinematic caliber action with some of the most fun and crazy concepts to ever hit the smallscreen. There’s an entire episode that’s like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but with more murder. Also the season finale was a fucking masterpiece of action and chaos – that ended with an insane major character death and several cliffhangery shenanigans. If Deadly Class doesn’t find a home quick I’m going to help Rick Remender seek vengeance upon the planet because life isn’t fair if this show can’t continue.


Happy being cancelled is less surprising because it’s so fucking strange but that’s why it’s such a groundbreaking series. There is literally nothing else like it on TV and anything else that tries to match its wackiness winds up looking tired and safe. Brian Taylor’s show is currently streaming on international Netflix channels so if you live in Europe/UK – please go stream the second season for a month straight so Netflix or someone else picks this show up and we get an amazing conclusion where Nick Sax gets to battle a demon! LET’S DO THIS.

Swamp Thing getting boned this royally isn’t even fair. I understand that DC Universe is scrambling right now because everyone is worried about Disney + wiping out the competition, but how about someone has some balls to go up against them? This is some grade A cowardly bullshit and it makes me outraged. I love this character, the comics and I adored the the cult classic movies growing up. It was bad enough when they cut the first season short with little time to fix the story, but then they go ahead and kill it after only one episode? That I haven’t seen yet because I’m Canadian and DC Universe doesn’t work here?


This is some weak news people. If you’re mad – let the networks know about it. We live in an era where shows that get the axe can quickly find new homes so that the fans don’t have to suffer the loss of amazing television.




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