Top 10 Albums of 2019 Featuring The Glorious Sons, Slipknot & Yelawolf

by | Dec 16, 2019

The top 10 albums of 2019 are here! They include efforts from The Glorious Sons, Slipknot, Yelawolf and more! Read on to find out:

#10. Collective Soul – Blood

I’ve been a Collective Soul fan since I started listening to music. Their 10th studio effort ‘Blood’ is everything I love about the band and more. Their lyrics have gotten catchier, the riffs have gotten crunchier and the songs have benefited as a result of this band becoming absolute masters of their craft this deep into their career. I don’t think I’ve sang a song louder in my car in 2019 than I have to this record “SO LET’S GET HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH”. Top 3 Songs: Good Place to Start. Porch Swing and Right as Rain.

#9. Blink 182 – NINE

Typically when a beloved rock band decides to get more experimental by integrating more electronic components and things — the results tend to become sketchy at best. Not the case with Blink-182 who managed to deliver one of their best records yet with Nine. The band has gotten better musically since Tom DeLonge’s departure and although they still have that signature Blink sound, it’s become more refined with the addition of Matt Skiba, who I absolutely love as part of this group. Minor note – please release an extended version of RANSOM – that track is way too good to be that damn short. Top 3 Songs: Ransom, Hungover You and Darkside. 

#8. Tech N9ne – N9NA

I don’t think there’s been a year since I started making Top 10 Music Albums lists where Tech N9ne HASN’T been featured. This is his 21st studio release and it hits just as hard as every record preceding it. No other rap artist has bars or game like Tech has and it’s almost a shame because although there were some fantastic rap records in 2019 (Kevin Gates and Dababy had stellar records this year too), nothing else comes close to the level of talent that Tech displays consistently with every new release. Top 3 Songs: Like I Ain’t, F.T.I 2.0 and Active.  

#7. Yelawolf – Ghetto Cowboy

Detroit’s true country hip hop star (get the F*** outta here Kid Rock) is back with ‘Ghetto Cowboy’ (his sixth studio effort) and first album since departing Eminem’s Shady Records. Yelawolf has had a peak year, co-starring in the critically beloved Peanut Butter Falcon and delivering what could be considered as his strongest record to date – a magnificent blend of hip hop and folk music (you know what let’s just say it – it’s just a rap album, but a damn fine rap album with country tinges). Top 3 Songs: Opie Taylor, Box Chevy 7 and Here I Am.  

#6. Barns Courtney – 404

Barns Courtney is an English wizard who has the power to conjure electric punk rock from the heavens and create a sound unlike anything else out there today. Thats’ why he was able to collaborate with The Prodigy seamlessly not too long ago and why he has the capability to crush just as hard as The Black Keys did in their prime. There’s nothing to not love about Barns Courtney and his second studio album 404 kills in every way. Top 3 Songs: 99, Fun Never Ends and London Girls.

#5. Twiztid – Generation Nightmare

Twiztid continue to do whatever the hell they want, however the hell they want it and in Generation Nightmare, the underground maniacs have delivered a tasty dose of punk rock and rap that is on par with the iconic duo’s finest offerings of all time. The production was crisp, the music was killer and the vocal performances from Madrox and Monoxide are among the best of their now 12 main studio album long career. This one felt like Twiztid’s 8th record Heartbroken & Homicidal but way more refined making for hands down 2019’s best indie release. Top 3 Songs: Siamese Amazement, Speak Of and Magic Spellz. 

#4. The Glorious Sons – A War on Everything

The Glorious Sons are Canada’s best new rock outfit and their latest release is also their finest album to date. They sound like a cross between The Guess Who and Nirvana if you’re not up to date on all the fine badassery taking place up here in the Great White North. The Glorious Sons have been kicking ass for a few years now and if this is your first introduction to them? It’s not a bad place to start – in fact it’s the best place to start, but make sure you work your way backwards because these dudes are legit. Top 3 Songs: Kick Them Wicked Things, A War on Everything and Closer To The Sky. 

#3. TOOL – Fear Inoculum

I adore TOOL but I will admit that initially after listening to this insane magnum opus of 20 minute songs that all blend together into one lengthy masterful prog metal monster — I wasn’t digging it. Fear Inoculum was too big for my puny brain to initially comprehend but after a few more interesting listening sessions my mind expanded and I finally understood. What did I discover? TOOL is too clever and too damn good for humankind. I don’t know if it’s my favorite TOOL album, but comparing their musical catalog to past releases is like comparing various Greek Gods to one another. Top 3 Songs: Invincible, 7empest and Pneuma.  

#2. Vampire Weekend – Father of The Bride

According to my year in review for Spotify, Vampire Weekend was my number one most listened to record of 2019. Father of The Bride is a folk rock punk alternative journey through everything that fans love about this band. I don’t know if I dig it more than their previous effort, but it’s also a record that has grown on me like a beautiful fungus the more I revisit it. Top 3 Songs: Harmony Hall, 2021 and Hold You Now.

#1. Slipknot – We Are Not Your Kind

It’s been 20 years since the release of Slipknot’s self titled debut and for me personally the band has had one landmark release since then that changed their sound, elevated their intensity and adjusted the metal landscape accordingly – Vol.3 – a masterpiece produced by the legendary Rick Rubin. With their sixth studio release, Slipknot have struck gold once again and released their finest effort since that time. We Are Not Your Kind is a sonic assault, equally heavy and dynamic in the weirdest of ways but a monster nonetheless. This is Slipknot at the top of their game – the heaviest they can be and the most experimental as well. There was not a better metal record this year and in the end – nothing else could top this beast from any musical genre. Top 3 Songs: Unsainted, Birth of The Cruel and Solway Firth.