Top 10 Comic-Con Trailers So Far Feat. CREEPSHOW & THE WITCHER

by | Jul 19, 2019

creepshow preview

San Diego Comic Con is in full effect right now with some amazing trailer reveals including CREEPSHOW, THE WALKING DEAD MOVIE and many, many more — check them out.

#10. Rick & Morty Season 4 Clip

It’s a new Rick and Morty clip – it’s new footage. There’s no need to talk about it, other than that alien is voiced by Taika Waititi so watch it right now and shut up.

#9. His Dark Materials

HBO did a damn fine job making an entire season out of That Golden Compass movie? That’s what it was called right? But then they replaced Sam Elliott with that cool Hamilton guy. Not sure I’m down with that, but everything else is sure to kick ass in His Dark Materials from the looks of it.

#8. The Walking Dead Movie

Rick Grimes is back! But that’s not all — because Universal Pictures is going to be releasing The Walking Dead Movie in THEATERS?!?! Holy shit this is kind of awesome even though I was already OK watching this one at home, quietly, on AMC, where I anticipated It would be. That’s OK though, because there’s something exciting knowing that I’ll be seeing a TWD movie – in the theater. We said goodbye to the comic series this year, so this kind of event in itself is emotional and exciting as a lifelong fan of the franchise.

#7. Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun is a classic. Tom Cruise is immortal. I’ll watch anything Cruise does these days and I consider Mission Impossible: Fallout to be one of the greatest action films ever created. So fighter jets? Yeah I don’t even think I liked the first movie all that much, but I’ll be checking this one out anyway. That’s the power Cruise has over me. Please help.

#6. The Walking Dead Season 10

I think The Walking Dead season 10 should be the final one, especially now that we are getting theatrical films and the companion series Fear The Walking Dead is damn near caught up with the OG. But hey, I’ll watch Negan and Beta go toe to toe, so bring on the Whisperer War.

#5. Mayans M.C. Season 2

After Kurt Sutter dropped that bombshell in the brilliant Mayans season one finale, I can’t frikken wait to see how this drama plays out this Fall. Mayans carries the spirit of Sons of Anarchy and pays it’s respects to the franchise origins, but make no mistake that this FX series is paving its own path of chaos with incredibly captivating biker drama.

#4. The Witcher

The Witcher doesn’t arrive until next year and I didn’t really even need a trailer to get me on board after Henry Cavill was cast in the lead, but sure why not – I’ll take a 2 minute teaser loaded with crazy dark fantasy epic action. The Witcher III is one of the best videogames of all time with a dedicated fanbase of novel readers as well, so the series has a lot to live up to but the teaser certainly gives us hope they did it justice.

#3. IT: Chapter Two

We all saw IT and we loved IT – a lot – when it came out two years ago. But that movie contained all the juicy bits of the novel that reminded us of another Stephen King classic – Stand By Me. Would we give a shit about the adults coming back to fight Pennywise in a sequel? Yes. Yes we sure as heck do.

#2. Creepshow

Shudder isn’t on my never-ending list of streaming services, yet… Creepshow looks like everything I wanted from a legit Tales From The Crypt resurrection so I’m quite pumped for this. It looks like Greg Nicotero and the team put together a great homage to the cult classic film and I’m excited to see what they can do with 12 full episodes.

#1. Jay & Silent Bob Reboot

Kevin Smith has brought the dynamic duo back into action, whether you asked for them or not. Are you kidding? We all fucking asked for this and we’ve been asking for this for ages so let us all rejoice in the fact that we are sure as shit getting a brand spankin new Jay & Silent Bob movie this Fall. The trailer was amazing and if you wanna die from alcohol poisoning, drink every time you see someone famous.