Top 10 Jason Mewes Movie Moments in Prep for The 2015 Lethbridge Entertainment Expo

by | Nov 3, 2015

The Lethbridge Entertainment Expo will take place November 14 and 15th, 2015 at the Enmax Centre in Lethbridge Alberta. Guests so far include Jason Mewes (Jay & Silent Bob), Billy West (Futurama), Phil LaMarr (MAD TV) and Lee Arenberg (Once Upon a Time). You can buy tickets HERE!

Jason Mewes is inarguably one of pop culture’s most memorable comedic icons. As one half of Jay & Silent Bob, Mewes has appeared in a wealth of Kevin Smith’s films and usually steals absolutely every single scene he’s a part of. The actor will be appearing November 14th and 15th this year at the Lethbridge Entertainment Expo so make sure you hit up the show at the Enmax Centre that weekend and see Mewes drop words of hilarious wisdom during a panel or meet the man in person and get him to sign a chunk of that Jay & Silent Bob stash (not you know — that kind of stash).

He’s one of a kind and this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Jay in person. I’ve been a fan ever since Mallrats, which was my first introduction to the performer and have devoured everything he’s done since that time. I’ve selected my top 10 favourite moments and wanted to share the clips with you now before the Expo and to get you even more pumped for his appearance this month. Buy tickets HERE!

#10. The Dutch Rudder

#9. Sabotage 

#8. The Holy Bible

#7. Bluntman & Chronic Vs. Cockknocker

#6. The Unwritten Book of The Road

#5. Jay & Silent Bob’s Big Screen Debut

#4. John Hughes

#3. Kick Some Troll Ass

#2. Jay’s Rap

#1. Goodbye Horses