by | Feb 7, 2018

zojaqan vault

Wednesday is here again, which means a new week for new comics (Zojaqan, VS. & Snagglepuss). If you are like me, you may still have a stack of comics that haven’t been read from last week, but how can anyone fault us for reading. Here is a list of books I will be picking up at my local comic shop.

Like many readers I try to budget my purchases, which can become difficult when there are so many quality books being published each week. So here are 5 titles to consider picking up this week.


COYOTES #4 – $3.99

Image Comics – Sean Lewis @Coyotes_Comic, Caitlin Yarsky @yarrrsky

The first arc ends with Red deep in Adlin territory and the werewolf Seff on the loose, wanting revenge on the men who chained him. Ancient enemies become allies in this exciting issue!

Exit Stage Left Snagglepuss


DC Comics Mark Russell @manruss, Brandee Stillwell @brandeestilwell, Mike Feehan @mikeseriously, Mark Morales @mark_morales11, Gus Vasquez. Ben Caldwell @bencaldwellart
As his friends are blackballed from show business, the government turns up the heat on Snagglepuss, even as his play threatens to implode from within. But no matter how grave the threat, Snagglepuss lives by a single motto: the show must go on!
With an all-new bonus backup feature, written by Brandee Stilwell with art by Gus Vazquez, when a sasquatch joins the Los Angeles Police Department, can things get any hairier?
This six-page backup story is included in the issue at no extra cost!

monstro mechanica aftershock


Aftershock Comics – Paul Allor @PaulAllor, Chris Evenhuis @ChrisEvenhuis, Sjan Weijers @SjanWeijers
Isabel and the Machine are separated during the Siege of Volterra! As Isabel races to find him in the carnage and chaos, the violence surrounding them affects the Machine in surprising and potentially terrible ways! From creators Paul Allor (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and Chris Evenhuis (Wynonna Earp) comes this swashbuckling adventure story about war, identity and the birth of the modern world!

VS versus

VS. #1 – $3.99

Image Comics – Ivan Brandon @IvanBrandon, Esad Ribic @eribic, Nic Klein @NicKlein, Tom Muller @hellomuller

War has become a spectator sport. Privately funded armies of superstar soldiers march into battle for fame, profit, and the glory of their sponsor nations.
When a new generation of soldiers arrive, top gladiator Satta Flynn is about to discover how fleeting the limelight can be. From writer IVAN BRANDON (BLACK CLOUD, DRIFTER) and superstar artist ESAD RIBIC (Secret Wars, Uncanny X-Force) in his creator-owned Image debut, with painted color by NIC KLEIN (DRIFTER, VIKING) and graphic design by TOM MULLER, VS delivers spectacular action, darkly humorous satire, and explores our hunger for fame and our penchant for self-destruction.

zojaqan vault

ZOJAQAN #3 – $3.99

Vault Comics – Collin Kelly @cpkelly, Jackson Lanzing @JacksonLanzing, Nathan Gooden @nathan_gooden, Vittorio Astone @AstoneVittorio, Deron Bennett @deronbennett
The thousand year war begins. An old enemy marches against the peaceful Zoja, spreading strife and bloodshed across the land. Only the time-displaced Shan stands a chance at stemming the Brutal Tide. But if she is to defeat an endless horde of enemies alone, she must stop skipping forward through time, and instead learn to control her strange ability.


Extra Pulls: Batman #40, Paper Girls #20, The Wicked + The Divine 1923, Amazing Spider-Man #795, Songs of the Dead #1