by | Feb 3, 2016

Wednesday is here, and new comics are within reach. So you may be like me and are still reading through the stack of comics from the last couple weeks, better make some room for these new titles I will be picking up at my local comic shop.

Like many I try to budget my purchases, which can become difficult with the vast amount of quality books being published currently. So here are 5 titles worth looking into this week, and a couple honorary mentions for those that don’t live up here in the Great White North, and have to pay an additional 40% on cover price.

amazingforest2Amazing Forest #2 – $3.99

Ulises Farinas, Erick Fretas, Caitlin Rose Boyle, Angelica Blevins, Buster Moody, Jack Forbes

This little compilation packs a lot of punch. Much like the first issue, this one contains a combination of short stories featuring some brilliantly talented writers and artists. Some of the stories are better than others but it nice to have a bit of variety all jammed into one book. So be sure to pick this up if you are into cannibal cults, people turning into giraffes and a twist on the creation story, then this book is for you.

interceptor2Interceptor #2 – $3.99

Donny Cates, Dylan Burnett, Jeremy Atkins, Taylor Esposito

It took some real detective work to track down a copy of issue 1, but it was well worth it. This Sci-fi, post-apocalyptic story, involving a superior race of vampires should not be missed. With a well paced story, this creative team knows how to grab the reads attention and get them wanting more. Make sure if your comic shop has a copy of this to pick it up, find out what a bunch of nuclear enhanced vampires have planned for the human race.

papergirls5Paper Girls #5 – $2.99

Brian K. Vaughan, Cliff Chaing, Matt Wilson, Dee Cuniffe, Jared K. Fletcher

After recently catching up with Paper Girls, it continues to exceed my expectations. It has to do a little with the nostalgia of the 1980s, with a hint of personal reflection having a paper route when I was younger. Mainly though, it is Brian K. Vaughan’s ability to introduce what almost seems like completely outlandish characters and plot, yet still being very grounded and believable. I am unaware if this story has been optioned for a TV series as of yet, but the episodic nature of the story telling would translate very well. Until then, makes sure you are reading this book. It is the final issue before a bit of a hiatus, so now is as good of time as any to catch up on the excitement.

saints5Saints #5 – $2.99

Sean Lewis, Ben Mackey

Saints is one of the most unique and fun comics I currently have on my reading list. As the Saints continue their journey into the American Bible Belt, they find a new addition to their team. Hopefully, as the team grows readers will get a better idea of exactly what it is they are searching for. Ben Mackey has an amazing ability to illustrate this book, and is one of the main reasons I am recommending it to my friends. If you haven’t already, give this book a try and add it to your pull list.

spiderman1Spider-Man #1 – $3.99

Brian Michael Bendis, Sara Pichelli, Justin Ponsor

Miles Morales finally makes his big debut in the Marvel Universe. If I am being completely honest, I haven’t been overly excited about Spider-Man in a long time. However, I have a lot of faith with this book, mainly because of the creative team. I enjoyed both the Ultimate Spider-Man runs previous to this series, and am intrigued with the direction this character can take with the larger role in the now combined MU. While Peter Parker does his Amazing Spider-Man stuff internationally Miles Morales takes on New York, and I can’t wait to see what is in store.

Extra pulls: Amazing Spider-Man #7, Batman & Robin Eternal #18, Howard The Duck #4, Klaus #3, Nailbiter #20, Vision #4